Bottega Veneta Sandals

  1. Hi i was wondering if anybody knows where i can buy these shoes they are called BOTTEGA VENETA PERFORATED LEATHER FLOWER SANDALS i desperately want them in black and as i live in London they do not sell them in this colour:sad: :heart: ;) , but i pretty sure that they are or were being sold in the U.S. in black, please please can anybody help me find a pair.:biggrin:
  2. Call the Bottega store in NY and Chicago. :smile:
  3. thanks Sonya i have found them at the Palm Beach shop and they are even on sale i only have one problem they do not want to send them to the U.K. and have quoted me a crazy price :rant: if they do i really want the shoes so i am trying to think of a way round this i need some one in the U.S. to take delivery of them for me and then send them to me in the U.K. but at the present time i cannot think of anybody (i do have some relations that live the U.S. but i have not spoken to them for years so feel it a bit of a nerve to ring them up and ask them. ANYBODY OUT THERE GOT ANY IDEA WHAT I SHOULD DO.:love: