Bottega Veneta Sales?

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  1. I've heard that when BV marks down their items, it's a straight 50% off. I don't have a boutique near me, so I don't know if that's true... Can anyone verify that?

    Also, does anyone know when their sales start? I'm particularly curious when the Resort line that has the Nut Ball purse will be going on sale... Thanks!
  2. Bottega sales typically happen in May and late November/early Dec. I recommend calling the boutique in late April to see if they have any news on the sale. The spring sale typically falls right around my son's b-day (May 19) so it's easy for me to remember. They usually clearance the seasonal colors at around 50% off, but often the popular neutrals like the nut (the tag says noce) do not go on clearance. If you call your local boutique and tell them you are interested in the noce ball bag they can probably tell you how many are left in the company via their computer system. Perhaps this will help you gauge whether you should wait and see if it goes on sale.

    By the way, I saw the noce ball bag a couple of weeks ago at the SF store and it is truly fabulous--a light tan color reminiscent of coffee with lots of cream. If I remember correctly, it has a pale blue suede lining...
  3. THANK YOU! Good to know about when they do their sales. Their outlet is great about taking photos of their new arrivals and emailing them out, but I've never seen anything that I've drooled over.

    I'll definitely call the store to see what's left in the company. Thanks for that idea! I've been trying to figure out the shade of the purse--thanks for the description! In the BV website, it looks a bit more olive green. It does look like it has a pale ice blue suede lining.