Bottega Veneta sale online

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  1. After receiving a card in the mail, I checked their site, which isn't all that easy to navigate. They don't have a separate sale section, but a few styles are on sale, including the medium woven hobo and a large woven hobo. I don't know if it's limited to certain colors. If interested, go to BOTTEGA VENETA.
  2. Usually its always their bright colors that go on sale.
  3. Thanks for the info. I just went on their site and saw that the purple woven hobo is on sale.:graucho:
  4. i cant see anything on sale.. whre do u go exactly?>
  5. Yeah. I could not find the sale stuff. how do you navigate to it?
  6. It is hard to navigate because they don't have a "sale" section and you're so desparately trying to find the sale items! :smile: You need to click on the bag, and if it's on sale the sale price will be posted. Here's one that I found:

    And the medium woven hobo in green and purple are on sale as well!
  7. so weird...the Green medium hobo is "sold out" but they let me buy it anyways. perhaps i'll get an email in a bit saying that item is sold out. it might just be that their system is not as sophisticated and allows these orders to go through. cross my fingers!
  8. Thanks - I am thinking of the purple as well!!
  9. Is it an online sale only??? Or are there sales at the store too?
  10. i just called the NY boutique - they only have a yellow woven hobo left. but yes, apparently the sale is on in certain colors in the store as well.
  11. I think they also provide free shipping now. I just got my order today and they didn't charge me for the shipping cost. :P
  12. Wow so pretty!!!
  13. They usually have some in the stores as well, but call before going, because they go fast and they don't have a lot on sale. And I've never seen the basic colors on sale, like black or brown.

    Their online site drives me crazy. Like totoro928 said, you have to go thru the trouble of clicking on each item to see if it's on sale. It's stupid and so far behind NM online and the others, but the savings are good if you can grab one of the bags. The lilac is beautiful IRL, but I already have a small lilac bag and couldn't justify the hobo.
  14. the orange Woven Veneta is on sale as well.
    Click on Ladies Handbags and it's pretty much the last set of bags I think.

    I NEEEEED a Ball bag:heart
  15. the BV site is driving me crazy! so many pretty bags! i esp love the yellow handbag and the olive green flap bag on sale! whew! so many bags so little money :smile: