Bottega Veneta Sale - NYC

  1. Label: Bottega Veneta
    Deal: Discounts on past-season clothing and accessories from the luxury label
    When/Where: Tuesday August 7th, Wednesday August 8th. Tue 1—6pm; Wed 10am—6pm. 685 Fifth Ave between 53rd and 54th Sts, twelfth floor (646-292-5814).

  2. You NY City girls are SO-o-o- LUCKY!!! All of the great sales happen there! :sad:

  3. :sad::sad:
  4. Any idea how reduced the stuff will be? Or if they'll have bags?
  5. omg i'll be there!!! wooooo
  6. It says accessories so I'm guessing at least some bags, but it didn't mention it in the original post I saw. Maybe someone could call to find out?
  7. thanks for the info! :nuts: ...may i ask where you got the info from?
  8. Sure. It was posted on another blog I read --
  9. OMG I wish I lived there. All the great sales happen in LA and NYC.
  10. Those of you that make it to the sale, please post a review! :smile: TIA!!
  11. Is anyone going? I go to lunch at 1:30, was thinking of walking over on this hot and humid in August NYC day (feels like 104 degrees over here)
  12. Just called them, the sample sale is canceled.

    Did they say why?
  14. cancelled??? for what?? lol dammit! i was gonna go during lunch also duranie!

    (even though its like 100 degrees)
  15. nope, and they were not super friendly either...they said there are still sale stuff at the store on 5th av. that's all.

    i'm not within walking distance to the store, or else i'd check, but if any of you gals are, please let us know.