Bottega veneta - rialto bag - wat do u think?

  1. i'm thinking of this bag from bottega, it's velvet yellow! :Push:
    rialto bag.jpg
  2. this is the first bv that made me take a double take! pretty!!!!!!!!!
  3. pixie i know what ur talking about! that's why i'm getting it! :yes:
  4. I really like that bag and I love the color.
  5. You can never go wrong with anything made by it!
  6. yey! thanks girls :yahoo:
  7. :love::love::love: that color!!!! Pls post pics when you get it!
  8. WOW, great looking bag!
  9. I will recieve it by mid August, from another country! out of stock in mine! :yes:

  10. Gorgeous bag!!!!
  11. Yes!

    So unique. It will "pop" any outfit.
  12. i love it. well, i love anything that is BV.
  13. stunning and unique!
  14. too cute!
  15. recieved , and i bought the wallet(red) and the cosmetic case(green) all the same style