bottega veneta repairs

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  1. This is a picture of the torn on the edges of my BV wallet

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  2. You can try & contact Modern Leather to see if they can repair.. They do many repairs for BV
    2 West 32nd St NYC
  3. You’ve been given the context information for Modern and they do wonders. In terms of how can this happen, BV leather I still super soft and the edges will see wear no matter how careful. Do you pull your wallet out of your jacket, pants or case? Even that could do it. I love BV but admittedly, I’m becoming less fond of the SLGs for this very reason.
  4. They are also very good about responding through their web site - they have a form for you to complete and submit. Worn piping is fairly common. Modern Leather in NYC -
  5. Have had a slight disaster - a friend spilled her packed lunch (chicken juice/oil) in her brand new BV (suede lined) basket tote. Does anyone know whether this is something BV themselves could fix or could anyone recommend a restoring service in the UK? Thank you so much!
  6. I got caught out in a torrential downpour with a BV tote that didn’t close. The suede lining was ruined. I sent it to modern leather in New York and they replaced it. You cannot tell a difference (at least I can’t).
    Hope this helps.
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