bottega veneta repairs

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  1. Anyone have a bottega veneta repaired? One of the woven lines got ripped. Any experiance?
  2. I've never had that happen. Have you called one of their stores to ask about it? I would think they would have a repair service, but I'm not certain. Good luck!
  3. Never!! Can take pictures of the damaged part?? I would really like to see it!
  4. Yes, they do have a repair center. It's in Beverly Hills. Take it into any of the stores, and they can send it in for you.
  5. Hi
    I had two bags repaired.
    I called and they requested I send to the NYC store.

    A handle of my black tote ripped off (I took it on vacation and had it LOADED with stuff no wonder), and also I had some rips in the weave of my cream handbag.

    I sent both to the NYC store. The repair person called me (I do have his name at home somewhere), and discussed w/ me what I needed.

    I received my handbags back 2 weeks later, and was charged 40.00 for the cream handbag and no charge on the black.

    The only problem: I wasn't home when the package arrived. My husband was and he thought I had ordered more handbags from BV!!

    Ought oh!
  6. LOL that is quite a picture!
  7. i have once but not for the leather, i tend to overload my bags and i managed to break the zipper :shame: they did it just like it was when i bought it, you couldn't tell the zip had been repaired at all.
  8. You managed to break the zipper?!? :P

    I find it reassuring that despite the softness of the leather, BV bags can be "overloaded" - something I'm often guilty of! :shame:
  9. Hi there, this is urgently asking for help. please help

    1. my wife's BV which is a birthday gift from me to her got wet due to a pipe leak in the cabinet and the weaving sort of shrunk! and zipper is now twisted resulting in not being able to zip properly and she is very upset.

    2. Bag model (i research from Internet) should be Corniola Intrecciato Montaigne Bag. BTW, i donno where to find the serial nos etc and well ... i cant find the receipt as well. was brought in Paris when there for work, so sort of grab and go type...

    anyone can advise where can i go to send this to the official repairer etc?

    Richard (Singapore)

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  10. richard

    have u tried drying out the bag? i remember someone on this forum had her empty bag blown by the wind into her swimming pool and it still turned out ok after she dried it out! maybe insert paper towels in the bag amd blow a fan at it indoors. when it is dry quickly send it to a boutique in singapore with your receipt. they can best advice u how much it would cost to repair, if it is at all possible.
  11. go to the BV boutique nearest you.
  12. send it back to the boutique where you bought it
    if it is within a year it should be repaired with no charge
    if it past a year the charge will be nominal
    but they can fix it
  13. The numbers which u seek are on a tag inside the zippered pocket
    It is really not good to get a BV bag wet
    Dry out of direct heat and sunlight
    I would take it to the nearest BV store to you and see what they have to say
    I don't know how they handle repairs overseas. In the US market they do repairs.

  14. Hi there to all the BV supporters,

    i have sent the damage bag to the singapore BV boutique for the evaluation and if possible repair.

    thank you all for the great advise...

    1. drying out is not a good advise as the skrinkage is not even and results in the same as my problem. (twisted zippers etc)

    2. BV intrecciatos are made of untreated soft leathers and prone to the slightest colors and water damage... so BEWARE

    Cheers and thank to all of you.

  15. does anyone know if BV - or if its possible - can correct tarnishing on the clutches like on the knot clasp/opening?