Bottega Veneta quality & which one to get!

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Which BV bag for a newbie wanting a classic, iconic one?

  1. Medium Veneta

  2. Large Veneta

  3. Ball

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  1. Hi I have been lurking around this forum for a while and have finally decided to get a BV bag. I think I will get one in tan or brown. Just wondering what is the quality like as I have never seen on in real life, do the threads come out? It's just on many bags which are copies of BV the threads have come out ( I know that may be stupid comparing to cheaper copies but I thought that might happen with a BV?) also, which style should I get, I am looking at either the ball bag the medium veneta or the large veneta. Which is the most classic and iconic for BV? Also where can I get one in England? :smile:
  2. Hello rosieroseanna, I vote for Veneta! As for the size, that depends on how you want to use it, and perhaps your own height/size. I'm sort of a newbie to BV bags myself so I can't comment on how they'll hold up as far as the stitching goes. I believe there are BV boutiques on New Bond and Sloane Sts. in London. Good luck and let us know what you choose!
  3. I vote for the Ball. I love it because of all the compartments, the strap is comfy and fits well over the shoulder. I have a medium veneta and don't think its big enough. I haven't heard of any threads coming undone. NAP is a good source to buy from.
  4. Welcome to your first post in BV. My recommendation would be the Veneta - in medium if you're not a big bag person as the size is good/roomy and it's not as casual looking as the large (which gets rather slouchy). Either Noce (tan/hazelnut) or Ebano (dark brown) would be great. There's a BV boutique on Sloane Street and I think Harrod's also carries BV. Do try out the bags in person. Have fun deciding!
  5. Thanks guys! One more thing, is it easy to tell a fake from a real one? All my other bags, chloes, balenciagas etc I know the differences straightaway but as this bag has no hardware etc, how can you tell? I just wouldn't want to buy one if you can't tell, I want a bag this expensive to loook expensive if that makes sense?
  6. Regarding the threading, I've not heard of any incidents of loose threading. No such reporting thus far in here as well.

    As to authenticity, the feel, look and smell of BV leather and the workmanships are dead give aways. Once you have seen the real thing, you would be able to tell the difference.
  7. i also like the ball for the slightly more structured shape (flat bottom so my things can rest more evenly), and ofcourse, the compartments! my workbag is the one i use almost everyday so the ball fits me better...

    but if you like the more flatter look, and you'll be using it more for everything except for work, and you like it with a bit more slouch, i'd go with the veneta. personally, i love the large, but if you rarely carry as much stuff as i do, and prefer something more proportionate to your size (if you're petite), then go for the medium.

    also, i love the brown (ebano) color...good luck either way, and let us know which one you got!
  8. I love the veneta as it's more of a streamlined, dressy look and sits on the shoulder easier for me. :heart: I am not usually a big bag girl but I love the larger size in this style. It slouches very nicely, fits so much and does not look too big (i'm 5'4). The leather is gorgeous and gets nicer with wear :tup: I would go with ebano or nero in color. ​
  9. I think the choice between medium and large really depends on your height/weight/preference. I'm 5'10", so for me the large Veneta is really kind of a medium bag. I agree with randr21 that the venetas are a bit more slouchier which is my personal preference. They kind of conform to your body type.

    As for color, I believe ebano is the original color. It is extremely beautiful, looks like chocolate, and in my opinion, doesn't need to be babied as much as the noce. Black would also be great because it doesn't also doesn't show dirt as much and it goes with everything. The other colors are amazing too, so it just depends on your preferences. I would give yourself time to choose in the color department.

    BTW: I'm waiting on my new ebano large Veneta to arrive either tomorrow or Friday!

    This subforum is a great place to learn and figure out exactly what you want. Good luck!
  10. They are both classic so you can't go wrong with either one. The drape of the silky, soft leather is impossible to fake. People who have seen a real one will know it don't worry.
    I have had no loose stitches on either of mine.:tup:
  11. FYI, some people have had issues with the piping wearing quickly on the corners of the classic ball bag. To my knowledge, no one has had problems with threads coming loose.

    That said, I still bought a ball bag b/c I love the compartments inside it. I'm 5' and feel that the ball bag is the biggest that I'd go for a handbag -- it's soft slouchiness is the only reason why it doesn't cross the "This is too huuuuge!" line.

    I vote for ebano (dark brown) instead of noce (tan) since ebano is a trademark color for BV.
  12. IMO the quality of BV bags is superb. I have two BV bags and can tell you from personal experience the leather is soft & durable. You can't go wrong with any style. They are all fabulous. However, my personal favorite is the ball bag. I have one in hazelnut.
  13. I have not had issues with threading. I say for the first BV, it's safe to go with a veneta (medium or large). I am 5'5" and I like how medium fits really well under my arms (light colors). But l bought the nero in the large. I think you should try all 3 bags and then decide. I would get a nero first and dont worry you wont be stopping there with BV. As we all know here, BV is highly addictive :tup:
  14. I have carried my medium veneta quite a bit and have never experienced loose threads. The quality of the leather is amazing and I think that the real ones can be told apart from the fakes from the way the leather drapes. The fakes look a lot stiffer when they are filled with things. I find the size of the medium veneta perfect, but all three bags are great choices and it really just depends what you're looking for. I'm 5'0", so I really found the large veneta too big.
  15. It's a tough decision between ball and veneta. I was between the two, but I went with the nero medium veneta since I like the hobo shape, I'm short, and I don't carry a WHOLE lot. Either choice, though, would be great and I think the lighter colors really stand out with the ball bag shape. Let us know what you decide. :smile: