Bottega Veneta Perforated Leather Tote?

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  1. Just wondering if anybody has gotten this bag, I'm thinking of getting it and just wanted some input (positive/negative) before I take the big plunge....I've been wanting a BV for the longest time and haven't found "THE" bag that I'm truly in love with, except this one... I loved their signature LARGE hobo but, I miss the train on that :cry: ..maybe they'll reissue it someday.
  2. I think you're referring to this bag since it's the description used by Saks but not NM:

    I've seen the bag in person. It's HUGE and I like big bags. The bag is bigger than my torso and I'm not a tiny person. I think the details in the bag are a little too much for it--between the scalloping and perforations. You sorta "miss" everything b/c there are a number of things going on with it. It's a nice bag, but I think there are nicer BV's for less. The ball bag is really nice and also comes in the same color...

    Was the signature LARGE hobo bigger than this one?
  3. oopps...forgot to place pic. Thanks Wickedassin!
  4. I also LOVE this bag. It was what really caught my eye and lead me to walk into the BV boutique. My remember my initial reaction to it was that it's HUGE. But then again, I ended up buying the large woven hobo and I didn't think it was that big. Now that I look at the dimensions, I think my hobo has larger dimensions. But somehow, I FELT that the perforated tote was huge. I still do love it though. If I didn't have to worry about spending over $2500 on one bag, I'd totally take the plunge. :shame:
  5. I tried the ball bag but, while it was beautiful, it was too small for me (I'm a size 14). I'm obsessed with big bags, in fact I don't think I have a bag that's smaller then 15"w x 10"l maybe 2 I can think of.
    The BV Signature large woven tote which I absolutely loved was around 21"w x 12" I believe, I haven't seen it anymore ( a friend has one in black...beautiful).
  6. has an email address listed for customer service. They're great at responding within 24 hours--I'd drop them a line and see if they still make the large woven tote....

    I don't know how tall you are, but I wear the same size as you. When I tried the perforated tote on, it was too overwhelming for me and I'm usually good with big bags. I'm 5'4" and was probably wearing 2-3 inch heels. I'd definitely try the bag out in person.
  7. :love:
    Yikes..:amazed: ! I'm only 5'2" and also wear heels/wedges 3" to 4"...:huh: I would like to try it inperson but Saks doesn't have it in the store :sad: and they're having their Spend Some Get Some Promo too. I can always return it!

    Thank you all for your input and time!:love:
  8. Is the perforated style "in" this year? I know LV is coming out with their perforated bags too.
  9. probably marc jacob just came out with one but i personally wouldn't get one i think dirt will get trapped in the little holes.