Bottega Veneta Messenger - Yes or No?

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  1. I am wanting to order the messenger today. I have not seen IRL, however after reading several comments and pics, I think it may be the cool chic but casual messenger I am after for day to day running around (i.e. when I am at the cricket with husband!).

    Anyone seen IRL that can confirm I am making the right decision? Also is it more a girl's bag or boy's, as I know there new line of messengers are specifically targeted at the male race.

    Its last seasons one, the simple plain zip, choc brown, famous woven leather....

    any comments before more purchase would be appreciated - as I am ordering from overseas.... THANKS
  2. Do you mean this one?

    It's available at Saks.
  3. This is the one... (pic from thinking of buying from
    BV messenger.jpg
  4. I have that bag. Technically, it's a men's bag, but it can be unisex too I suppose. There's no top zipper on that bag.
  5. Are you going to get the messenger in that colour?

    I think it'll make a really cool unisex messenger. Very unfussy in appearance, which I like :yes:
  6. Love it! Very elegant, and BV has the best leather!
  7. Bags do not have gender, bags are for everyone. Esp. BV bags!
  8. sgaotw - do you have any pics wearing your messenger. I am keen to see the size on someone.... thanks
  9. Thanks for all your comments guys - I ended up buying the messenger - and love it! Its nice as you can easily dress it up or dress it down. The design is great as its not too girlie, but a great unisex design. I loved it! It was last seasons one, without the flap.
  10. Did you end up buying the Saks messenger?
  11. This thread is over 3 years old, doubt the OP is coming back. Closing now.
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