Bottega Veneta master-class

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  1. Good day to all,
    I think I gotta share this with all BV fans, this is how our lovely bags are made :smile:
    Taken at Dubai Mall in Feb-2016
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  2. the beautiful lady hand-making someone's bag... maybe yours?

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  3. that could be my dream-home... a cabat-looking like house lol

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  4. Those are incredible pictures. Thank you for posting.
  5. Those giant purse props in the background are insane!! :loveeyes: Thank you for posting these pics, I would have been there all day watching.
  6. How neat! The San Francisco boutique had a stitching event where you could see a Cabat being made and buy special bags that you could initial. It didn't have the oversized BV 'house' though.
  7. Seeing that woman so meticulously making a bag is amazing. Thanks for sharing!!!
  8. Wow, I would have loved to take those scraps off their hands - I can smell that pile of sweet-smelling magical leather.

    How wonderful! Thank you for sharing!
  9. It's quite amazing how we are all madly in love with a bag that's essentially made of scraps and off-cuts.

    Lovely pics though - the giant bags are spectacular!
  10. WOW!!! How extraordinary this is & leave it to BV to bring this to a new level
    with these larger than life bags

    Thanks for sharing..
  11. Wow beyond belief. Thanks for sharing. What amazing BV props!
  12. Ah, but what they do with the scraps and off-cuts is what we're in love with. The centuries-old craftsmanship that Bottega Veneta continues to bring to the 'now' for all of us to enjoy. At one point this craft was almost lost. BV was instrumental in bringing it back, and even opening a leather school in Italy.

    Hope that helps you understand the mad love, Jbr12.
  13. Thanks for sharing these photos with us! I really like the one showing the office cart full of fettucce, ready to be woven. That soft lavender color is really pretty.
  14. you are all welcome :smile:
    I am glad you liked the pix
    I was there for about one hour, and I couldn't stop watching her hands, that was a kind of hypnotizing magic :smile:
  15. Actually, I did take one strap with me as a souvenir :smile:
    I asked her if I could take one, and she was really pleased and said I was free to have one :smile:
    it's long enough to wrap loosely my wrist twice, I am considering making a hand-made bracelet, or, maybe, will use it as a strap for a bag-charm, when I find a perfect one

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