Bottega Veneta limited edition tote

  1. What do you think of this limited edition tote? I think it's absolutely gorgeous!


  2. I love it, but not for $3800 :wtf:
  3. Pretty, pretty, pretty bag! I like BV bags a bit more understated (I know... boooring me!) but this one is very cute! The size is small enought so the special colors & detailing on it aren't overwhelming (as they would be on a bigger tote). The colors on it are so pretty but appear to be more spring/summer. I think if you are looking for a very special (BV limited editions are always special!!) and classic smallish tote with GORGEOUS detailing and colors, then this limited edition is the one. That said, there are sooo many gorgeous BV bags out this fall that I think would be beautiful and useable year round for the price of the limited edition one. :smile:
  4. I agree with you, Goldensx5. If you have money to burn this would be a nice addition to any collection. I LOVE the woven leather in all the pretty colors. It also has a pale blue suede lining.:love:
  5. gorgeous and very special indeed!
    But too pricey IMO.
  6. if u r buying it from net porter then dont... their prices are usually above the market... the bag is lovely, but too pricey! :supacool:
  7. It's cute (very summery), but for the money, I'd go with one of the woven totes. More classic and blendable with anything in your wardrobe. They have some new ones out with funky handles.
  8. definitely too pricey!!!!!very gorgeous with the right outfit!
  9. I'd rather get a Chanel for less $$$
  10. Me too, or put the money towards my next Hermes! Having said that, the bag is cute.
  11. i really love the work done on this bag. yes, it's expensive but detailed and a work of art!
  12. not a fans of the colours combo and the open bucket is a no no for me :P
  13. I agree with you, Emmuna! It truly is a work of art!:love: