Bottega Veneta Light Rose

  1. Does anyone have a picture of the light rose Veneta?
  2. Did you mean magnolia? Its a light pink.
  3. THe store in Berlin said they had the pink and light rose in stock, so I am not sure
  4. Sometimes different stores call them by different names I realised. For eg. my SA calls the colour Noce, Pen. Maybe you could get them to describe the colours further or ask for the colour codes, which would definitely help determine the right colour.
  5. You can get them to email the pics to you.... usually tPFers can tell you the color from the pics ;)
  6. hey karianne, when dealing with german stores i prefer hamburg over berlin...ask for either julia or janine and they will know exactly if you mean magnolia or quarzo...
  7. Karianne, I think the "pink" means Magnolia, and the light rose means "quarzo"?

    Usually all BV SA should know the name by BV codes. So you can call them again to make it clear. One thing is for sure: the Berlin store did have the Magnolia color one week before when I called them to check the availability :smile:

    Just to double check with you: is the price for Magnolia Montaigne still 1420euro?
  8. I am not quite sure, I got the price on the large Veneta and that was 1180 Eur
  9. The price I quoted is for Montaigne bag not for Veneta ;)
  10. Sorry I am new to the Bottega so I dont know what a Montaigne is :sad: