Bottega Veneta @ Las Vegas

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  1. I just want to rave a bit about BV in Vegas. I went to Vegas last weekend and checked out the BV store at Bellagio. I dealt with this SA who was really nice. They didn't have the bag I was looking for but she said she'd call me as soon as it came in. Then today I got a postcard from her where she THANKED me for coming in. I mean, I didn't even buy anything and I took up LOTS of their time. The whole time I was there, the SAs were complimenting me on my metallic Balenciaga bag (one of them was even standing next to it to "keep watch"). I was totally floored! I can't believe the good service.:nuts:
  2. I'm so glad you received great service. It's so nice to hear those stories! Plus, you deserve to be treated well:smile:
  3. Glad to hear it!! I was in the Fendi store at the Bellagio in July and couldn't believe how lovely they were and it was almost midnight!! (they must have been dying to get us out of there so they could go home...) Makes it so much more pleasant when the service is excellent:smile: (and more tempting to buy lovely bags, maybe it would be better for us if they were horrible...)
  4. I confess I'm not a big Vegas fan, but it sounds like the shopping is fantastic. Specifically I've heard about the BV store. Where is it? I only recall the Caesar's Forum shops and that was many years ago. Is that where it is?

    The SA I go to in Chicago, Linda, as well as the manager there, have almost become actual friends--they are so nice, and I get a note everytime from Linda, as well. She's a sweetheart, and is never condescending to anyone.
    It's so nice to hear you had a positive experience.
  5. I have yet to run into a rude sa at BV. They are quick to send photos if you want and will track down an item for you.
  6. The shopping here is FABULOUS!!! Harrod's is in talks about opening here!
  7. Harrod's???:drool: Be still, my heart!!

  8. The BV store I went to in Vegas is located at Bellagio. I think it's a few doors down from Hermes. Now I wish I hadn't wasted the 2K on Hermes earlier this week (which still didn't get me onto the waiting list) and instead spent it on a gorgeous pink small Veneta bag ...
  9. When DH and I were in Vegas (sooo long ago) Bellagio was being built. Neither of us gambles, but just for the shopping, I may have to talk him into going there. The Chicago BV store isn't very large at all, so it was easy for the staff to get to know me there. But the selection is limited.
  10. Great service is ALWAYS appreciated, so it's lovely to hear about that :yes: