Bottega Veneta (kids/babies)

  1. Too cute!
  2. Makes me wanna have a baby ! not fussed about actually having children, but look at the cute shoes!!!!!! They are fab! If only my feet were that diddy......

    Just have to find some kid I like enough to spend that money on them now.....:biggrin:
  3. adorable kicks!
  4. The first pair would look adorable on my daughter!!!!!
  5. I would soo buy those in every color if I had a baby girl!
  6. AW! I love them!
  7. I'd buy them in a heartbeat! When I had my twins, a boy and a girl, I was a nut!!!!! Now that they are older of course they don't like the things that I'd pick but hopefully it will kick back in later. FYI - I knew they were it in the baby department although I'm not sure it would have made a difference.
  8. It is weird. So many girls I know are having babies & I wa sthinking about it & I realised that for everyone of them, I bought them cute baby shoes as a birth gift!:biggrin: ahahah! just want to get their collection started young I suppose!