Bottega Veneta Jewellery


Mar 2, 2023
Hello, I'm looking for some opinions on Bottega Veneta jewellery.

I popped by a boutique today and purchased a jodie, a jack sandal and an drop ring. I'm very intrigued by enamel jewellery and thought the Dragon necklace was very beautiful, but I'm not used at dropping this sort of amount on 'named' brands (always prefer to buy jewelery from more one-of-a-kind designers, such as Polly Wales)

Screenshot 2024-05-29 at 22.21.14.pngScreenshot 2024-05-29 at 22.21.22.png
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I personally think that while the designs are nice, it's just plated silver... And depending on how often you'd wear it and how rough you are with jewellery, the plating might wear off quite fast, considering the shape at least. Though to be fair I've never owned Bottega jewellery

Edit: And even to the design i quite intricate and enamel to my knowledge can be hard to work with, that price for plated silver is IMO asinine
I love BV jewellery, the design are great, but agree with above comment that the pricing is not proportionate to the materia used.
I did hear rumours from an SA in London that night hey are considering bringing back fine jewellery. There are some beautiful fine jewellery pieces from the TM era.

I most recently bought the bolt ring. Pricing was fair and I absolutely love it.
I am not adverse to buying brand name designer at all. If I think it's very evocative of the brand without branding. It doesn't matter if it's fashion, silver or fine, so long as it's fabulous quality and a forever piece, and you are going to wear it.

I have BV jewellery too, it's also excellently made, but it's basically Stirling silver.

I don't think of it as as fine nor fashion, but design-led, artisanal jewellery. If there is some leather or exotic 'twist' to the piece, it makes it a bit more on brand and stand-alone BV to me.

That means, although I liked BV's Comma/Drop lines, already too much like Tiffany / Peretti Teardrop. When they do something abstract + flair and totally original, then I think it's worth buying.

The only way you can really know if it's worth it for you is how much use are you going to get out of it.

I like the piece you show, obviously, there's a lot of work gone into it, but I worry if it could be spiky if worn without anything underneath. The other thing to remember is, don't hang around, very few of the pieces are actually made - although, at that price :faint: .
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