Bottega Veneta Intrecciomirage and Intrecciolusion range,

  1. One of the SAs told me that the these collections may work well for women that baby their BVs (especially when traveling or flying). They can store their BVs in the fabric or stamped bags and throw them around carefree.

    I think the fabric bags are beautiful but I wouldn't buy anything non-leather at that pricepoint. I wish they had created something with a heavier coating, similar to the texture of a Goyard if they were thinking of these as good for travel.

    Not a fan of the stamped bags. The small ones seem to be better constructed and designed. Better colors too. The largest one looks like a sad Cabat. Flimsy. I can't see the entire line doing well, at least with regular customers.
  2. I agree. My first reaction in the Blog Entries forum about the new BV line was "Oh! We are incorporating another lesser division of BV now like Marc Jacobs. It will take getting used to but as long as they keep their iconic bags, I hope all will be fine. It is a gutsy move the company is taking.
  3. I love BV, I really do, but the prices are ridiculous, especially when I can purchase high quality woven lambskin bags and totes (with my initials stamped in gold on the inside no less) from the Santa Croce Leather School in Florence, Italy. (NO I DON'T WORK FOR THEM). Nine years ago I bought a gorgeous lambskin tote (black and cognac interwoven no less) for about $450 at the shop for the school where craftspeople are trained and often go on to work for top design houses. I still carry this bag (it's also been carried all over the country and across the pond several times) and get lots of compliments still. I have been hard on it, and have only had to have the strap repaired. You can visit the school at the old monastery next to the Santa Croce cathedral in Florence, or visit their website, and order a purse there. Prices are in euros, but now the dollar is stronger, so prices are good. They feature many lines; for the woven styles, look for Laura Gori's wovens. My bag is style #7152, which has many color and color combo choices, for 413 euros. Check it out!
  4. I really like some of the lines designer come up with MbMJ I think the bags are nice and I think having that available is smart and introduces people to the line and makes them want the more expensive line. I do not like the one's BV have come up with. The colors in the fabric are too die for but are prices high for non leather. (just my opinion) With that said it seems like in the last 6 months BV has done everything they can to toss their hat into the more common ring. The whole initial line and now this. I think they want to make money and be as well known as other brands. I don't mind that if it doesn't take away from what they already do.
  5. I think I saw one of the coated fabric bags at Neiman's. I don't know anything about this segment of the new bags, and I didn't look at the price tag. Regardless of price, I was unimpressed. It reminded me of something mass-produced, and I used to associate BV with luxury materials that are artisan-made.

    I will hasten to say that not everything I own is high-end. Some of my favorite bags are Longchamp Le Pliage totes that only cost around $100. I'd sooner buy another Le Pliage than the BV I saw, even if someone tells me that the new BVs are constructed by hand--they're just not to my taste, I guess.

    As for the leather ones, I haven't seen those in person.
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    Vinai, I love your new bag, congratulations, I want the same 'WOC' perhaps in Nero, to replace my daily cross-body that has been with me since the beginning of time and literally accompanied me around the world. My ex-bag was so far 'gone' I had to throw it away and have been looking for a viable alternative, this seems perfect. It was either this, the folded WOC, or a Loro Piana travel pouch cross-body. I didn't even know about the bottom zip, how great for a travel pass, your bag seems perfect for an everyday, no worries leather bag.

    On the new lines. There are 2 and they are different, one all fabric and the other like this bag a stamped leather, simply made. Personally, I don't think BV should have launched them at the same time as seems to confusing people.


    Intrecciomirage (stamped leather) and Inrecciolusion (printed fabric) - OMG, who thought of those catchy, trip-off-the-tongue line names? I'm not without a brain and speak/read German, Norwegian, and Russian, not languages with uniformally short words but these are not easy to spell let alone say, it's gonna be totally embarrassing (for me) to say once in the shop to ask for - thinking of writing it on a post card and pointing.

    Not suede-lined - but hey, using this on a chain around the neck as a cross-body every gram will weigh kilo by the end of the day.

    Not woven - I have 3 BV bags and only 1 is woven so I obviously don't care that much.

    (No lining - Some of the - 'mirage leather bags seem to have no lining whatsoever, I think that is a little too simple for me but these WOCs look great and good value.)


    Still no huge logos - (that butterfly will go totally unnoticed where I live)

    Lots of pockets - yippee

    Fairly flat - :woohoo:

    Cross-body/shoulder/clutch convertible - :yahoo:

    Affordable - I don't want to pay BV mainline prices for a bag I am going to put through the mincer, Another reason to hopefully go for the black.

    Pretty but not girly - say no more, most small bags seem to have been designed by Skipper for Barbie.

    Ladylike not utility - black cross-bodies can sometimes look like they are made for security staff.

    I think I like this bag ;)
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    missed you- don't keep your opinions to yourself.
  8. I am not a fan of the Intrecciomirage - it is the particular stamping and not the "entry level" idea that does not appeal to me. BV has the Marco Polo, which is less expensive and embossed, yet to me retains the beauty and feel of a BV. But if the leather was stamped with a different design, I might go for it.

    I'd like to learn more about the Intrecciolusion. It might be pretty cool if it were a coated canvas, but then again, I like Tods bags, and coated canvas is a favorite of mine.

    I need to check these out in person.

    The bottom zipper is a great idea for a cross body bag.
  9. I agree, you are entitled to your opinion and your opinion counts :biggrin:
  10. I love my Nero chain wallet bag! The leather has a soft, vintage feel but seems durable. The brunito hardware is well done. I'm really happy with this purchase.

    It replaces my small, toss around Alviero Martini heart bag which is coated canvas - great bag for me but i needed a tad more space. Since I pamper my BV bags, and they never see inclement weather unless protected, I didn't consider buying a BV until I saw this new line. She'll be perfect for hiking, quick errands, amusement parks, and rainy / snowy weather.

    I was nervous buying after reading everyone's comments, but I am pleasantly surprised. Many thanks to for his patience in answering all of my questions!!
    image-1537918559.jpg image-3901270775.jpg image-10035984.jpg
  11. ^very cute!
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  13. So pleased that your're pleased, congratulations :yahoo:

    Thank you too for some more inside knowledge of this style and line :flowers:
  14. Great to hear that you're pleased with this bag. I was in Rome 3 weeks ago at the BV store in Piazza San Lorenzo and briefly checked out a few intrecciomirage and intrecciolusion bags. I was not impressed with either lines. They seemed thin and flimsy to the touch, and looked mass produced... the bag you featured here looks cute though. I think the most important of all is that the owner is satisfied with the purchase. Who cares what others think? ;)
  15. Thank you, boxermom :smile: and everyone else for your kind words!

    I hope the OP, Vinia, is enjoying her pretty violet one!!