Bottega Veneta Intrecciato Intagli Hobo vs. regular hobo

  1. I am insane. A few posts back I was analyzing the weave on several potential Christmas presents for moi on the large Veneta in Ebano. forward to last Wednesday, when lo and behold I saw the Intrecciato Intagli Hobo on Large, not Maxi size. Well, of course I had to have it. Ordered it. Excited. :yahoo:

    Saturday at noon, I get an email from Saks saying they are very sorry...out of stock (4 days later on 2 day air??). Not acceptable I told them. They hunted one down for me in San Fran. Shipped it out Saturday at 2:50 pm...just in time to make Fed-Ex cut off. :okay:

    Got it today. :graucho:

    Don't care for it. :shrugs:

    Took some side by sides to show you all. Differences I noticed right off the bat are the leather seems to be lighter in weight AND color and also spongier. Color seems to have some redder tones in it than the standard Ebano. Braid around bottom seems to be "fluffy." My opinion is they stamped it, then dyed it, which then made it swell. Seems wayyyy more delicate, IMO.

    Most true color are #3 and #4.

    I guess I will be a regular old ebano and nero large Veneta gal. :p

    Enjoy pics!!

    regular1PC242013.JPG stamped1PC242012.JPG regular2PC242014.JPG stamped2PC242015.JPG
  2. More...

    Side by sides, first with flash, second no flash.

    PS.....newer couch, and the nap on the chenille hasn't leveled out yet....they aren't spots/stains. :shame:
    regular3PC242016.JPG stamped3PC242019.JPG regularsidexsidePC242020.JPG sidexsidenoflashPC242021.JPG
  3. Thanks for posting this! I saw this online and thought "wow", then I saw it at NM and wasn't impressed. I agree, I like the standard/classic large woven veneta better.
  4. Thanks so much for posting!

    I was/am seriously considering this exact bag as my next BV....hmmmmm.....don't know now :shrugs:

    I will have to see it myself IRL befre I decide I think :yes:

    Thanks again for the great pics and description :flowers:
  5. hi b. jara, am so sorry to hear that you don't like your intagli hobo - the textured weave doesn't sing to me either. hopefully you can exchange it for a classic weave?
  6. these are really helpful pictures, I'm glad you at least got both in person and got a chance to make the best decision for you.
  7. Yep, I purchased both already, knowing that one would be returned. :yes:
    Both are in the pic above.

    Classic weave is for sure the keeper!! :yahoo:
  8. Thanks for the pics... I had been wondering about the intagli hobo too so it's nice to see the detail shots.
  9. i love the woven hobo more than the intrecciato one ...
  10. Oh B.Jara, so sorry you didn't like the Intagli Veneta. I saw it in the boutique and I like it - I'm intrique by the details and thought it makes the Veneta even more interesting, not that I don't like the classic intrecciatto weave better. It would be a tough choice for me if I can only get to keep only one!
  11. I saw this one recently and it was quite lovely. I did not look it over with great detail, but it seemed lovely to me. What is most important is that you are happy!
  12. I recently saw the intagli veneta and you are totally right, it is slightly redder than the normal ebano. I actually like the color but not wild about the stamped detail; however, I very much prefer smooth leather over textured leathers. Congrats on the new ebano veneta, though!
  13. Thanks for pointing me to this thread, b. jara, but I must say, I love the look of this design and I LOOOOOOVE that the bag comes in that extra large size, as the large veneta has always felt just a tad small to me. I always want mine to slouch and ssclump more than it does.

    So what am I to do? Is it really weaker? And if so, wouldn't they take it back and/or repair/replace?

    Cuz I love it. How it looks, feels, and the size.
  14. ^^I think if you really love this bag for all the above reasons, you should get it; it's hard to find a bag that is the right size and makes your heart sing. But keep in mind what B.Jara has brought up and really look this bag over for any less than pristine areas, then decide if it is something you can live with. Also, how you use your bags should be a factor...if the leather strips really feel more delicate than normal, this shouldn't be your "throw around" bag!
  15. i think the intagli is horrid.
    the classic weave just flows much better and is more appealing to the eye. I hope you didnt have a problem returning it!