Bottega Veneta in Action!

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  1. +1 :smile:
  2. +1
  3. I will post all the story later, it wasn’t so difficult as I expected! Thank you all:flowers:
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  4. 22EFD543-925C-4C15-B474-7AD164BB6112.jpeg Fight on!! The big game for So Cal’s legendary cross-town rivalry is about to start...this copper worked so well with the school colors. Now back to the car to switch to the see-through bag for the stadium. (I’ll walk for fashion)
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  5. Have fun! Nice spread of food, beautiful bag.
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  6. A nice win to end the season! I am wife of Trojan!
  7. Well, we’ve got bragging rights until next year:biggrin:
  8. IMG_1843.jpg


    Kind regards,
  9. I'm a Bruin!
  10. :smile:
    Well, the love of handbags bringing rivals together!! A Christmas miracle (I’ve been watching too much Lifetime:smile:).
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  11. Nero Nodini while shopping yesterday. Yes, I sparkled around the mall with the shoes!
  12. Love the UGGs!
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  13. My favorite cold weather shoes! The sparklier, the better!
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  14. Atlantic Nodini at Dubai 7's
    being 'watched' by my DH while i was away for taking a few snaps of Kylie Minogue :lol:

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