Bottega Veneta in Action!

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  1. gorgeous pics, very autumnal setting! :tup:
  2. it's been a while since we posted in this thread...
    Mallow and Denim today

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  3. Love me some Cervo Hobos!! And I LOVE your t-shirt:biggrin:
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  4. :biggrin:
    i bought it in Granada (Spain) in a small artisan coffee shop
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  5. 3555279F-CA7C-4CE7-9421-5F4C42206A89.jpeg
    Three women who met due to a shared fondness of bags and who became friends due to a connection of the heart and the spirit.
  6. That is a dangerous financial combination!!!
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    A404CA24-AAED-4264-A98C-ED36B3B87790.jpeg We attended the Bay Area Cancer Connections 25th anniversary Silver Lining Gala last Night. It was a wonderful event to celebrate BACC’s support of SF Bay Area women with breast or ovarian cancer. When I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in early 2016, I became actively involved with the organization as a volunteer and donor. I’m honored to have been selected as a speaker at our upcoming annual conference. Diane, Grietje and I pulled out our BV clutches. I wore my new BV deco inlay bracelet, necklace, and drop earrings.
  8. Congratulations! It's admirable that you're involved with such an important cause.
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  9. You look amazing and congratulations!
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  10. Congratulations! You look wonderful. Thank you so much for sharing and reminding us all of such an important cause.
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  11. Thats an incredible honor, congratulations :flowers: You look beautiful:smile:
  12. Be still my heart :love:
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    Grietje & I managed to photobomb Mousse Saturday night at the BACC event
    (Mousse is holding her SO knot....)
  14. Gorgeous photo! And gorgeous knot :heart:
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  15. darn cool shot!! :tup:
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