Bottega Veneta in Action!

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  1. you look great!! :tup:
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  2. Tres chic!
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  3. Nero nodini & a senior Spanish omelet.....a benefit of being over 55.
  4. That looks yummy!
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  5. Taking Lido to dinner

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  6. Going for the full Italian look with the dress too, huh? ;)
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  7. Not really “in action” because I ate too much, but Oro Scuro Lauren clutch enjoyed a mountain top dinner with my bf and his dad on Sunday night.
    DCCF9B95-3709-4799-8D9C-7C20B98ED327.jpeg 5356A2D6-D605-47AA-A995-CA50F748A28B.jpeg
  8. I wish there was a way to like a post multiple times! :loveeyes::loveeyes:

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  9. I just love seeing the Lauren. Fab view as well. [/QUOTE]
  10. Nodini and espadrilles in Monalisa, accessories :smile:

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  11. Monalisa looks great on you! I like your jewelry pieces, too. (I tried searching for the silver butterfly earrings from the same collection as your bracelet, but I was too late. I'm glad to have the classic silver BV pieces that I have, now hearing that the jewelry line will be diminished or phased out; the artisanship is really something.)
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  12. Well, aren’t you the cool one today (and every day). Love that color.
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  13. LOVE your color combination of purple with that cool lime linen dress! Color blocking perfection!
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  14. thank you!
    i am wearing other BV silver earrings all the time, i stopped buying any other earrings completely, as i don't want to switch out of my simple hoops! :biggrin:
    all 3 chains i scored recently at the reseller's site, all were 'unused' no any signs of wear whatsoever, i guess they are just too simple and small on their own, but i wear 3 of them and they look great!!

    thank you! :ty:
    I bought this dress in Italy, to me it's the best souvenir (apart from my BV haul!) i could get from my trip! :biggrin:
    Thank you!
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  15. LOVE the whole look!!!
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