Bottega Veneta in Action!

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  1. Have a great evening! :hugs:
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  2. thank you!! :smooch:
  3. Such a cool shot!
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  4. I crave that bag. If I were sitting in that doctor’s office and you turned your back......well.......
  5. My Nero Intrecciato VN Belt Bag bought at Japan Kansai Airport IMG_20190103_210232.jpg
  6. LIKE! Very pretty modeling pic!!

    I need to call my SA to find out what colors they have here.
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  7. Me snd my ostrich! :smile:

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  8. BV Cabat was shopping today :P

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  9. At lunch
  10. 2010 F/W Toffee wallet enjoying some apres today :smile:
  11. Is this the fold over with the double zip? Love this style, had it in Orchid. Such a great wallet that holds a TON.
  12. This is a beautiful picture! bbrrrr..... looks cold (but beautiful) outside!
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  13. 2010 F/W Nero Cervo Brick Bag hanging out with me this afternoon at my boyfriend’s house waiting for him to come back from skiing.
    *I want him to make me lunch :lol:
  14. Is this the small Loop? One is on its way to me, so I'm stalking the forum for mod shots. It looks fabulous!
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  15. Yes it’s the small loop. :smile:

    Enjoy yours when you receive. BV is addictive. Each bag has its own feel but always makes you feel great when you wear it
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