Bottega Veneta in Action!

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  1. BV shawl and Pillow are battering the snow with me!
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  2. Coffee run with Canard accessories
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  3. 940BACE3-87BB-4951-8436-546FDAB9E8BB.jpeg Dinner last evening at a Japanese restaurant while pillow is waiting...
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  4. Very nice pic! Happy Holidays!
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  5. First look of 2019: total gray and my beauties :heart:
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    bumping up the thread :smile:
    BV head to toe today, Ardoise sneakers, wool scarf, silver pieces and Atlantic cervo hobo (aka #7)
  7. Mona Lisa is having fun :smile:
  8. :loveeyes:
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  9. Batterfly is BV signature... :hbeat:
  10. Ooh, I love this one!
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  11. :love::loveeyes::love:
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  12. Sorry, for spamming the thread, but i can't help! :P gotta share!! :biggrin:
  13. lol!
  14. Where the heck are you? And where are you in the orthodox calendar, pardon my ignorance...:hrmm:. Are all celebrations over now?
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  15. Dubai Miracle Garden :biggrin:
    nope, Old New Year is tonight (13/14th) and that will be it! :smile:
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