Bottega Veneta in Action!

  1. Stunning! The Ebano Veneta will never lose its charm, will it? :smile: It looks great on you!
  2. Such a pretty picture and bag! Violet always makes my heart skip a beat! :nuts:
  3. Thank you :biggrin:
  4. Took my Black Beauty out for a formal dinner last week. More pictures in my blog. Thanks for letting me share!
    Black10.jpg Black7.jpg
  5. You look amazing!

    The Ebano (or any colour Veneta) never ceases to impress me with its quiet elegance every time I venture into the BV forum. :smile:
  6. Trying to judge about a maxi veneta -- does anyone have a
    modeling photo of an EXPERIENCED maxi veneta that
    shows how they soften and slouch?
    I'm interested in how they look on the shoulder with
    things inside ..

    I have been though the library -- thanks for any help
    you can give!
  7. :smile:
  8. Love this! This clutch is definitely on my list of must have's! Love your coat as well :smile:
  9. Thanks so much! I'd recommend getting it! :smile: Although I'm not sure if BV still offers the black and gold combo. It's such a great classic that goes with everything and yet stands out. I've carried it with everything from sheath dresses to sarees.
  10. i have been a silent reader of the purseforum. decided to join today and this is my first post showing my first BV bag which i just bought not too long ago. here it is : the Appia BV Parachute sitting on my office desk. :>....first time posting picture too so not sure if works. :p
    Picture 1162 -rev.JPG
  11. Welcome to tpf and thanks for sharing this beauty with us!
  12. Beautiful bag! I too have been a silent reader and hopefully next week I will have a reveal to share!
  13. amazing clutch!!
  14. I took my new BV clutch for a spin today. Also the first day of short weather this season!


  15. Another evening out with my Black Beauty. More pictures in my blog.