Bottega Veneta in Action!

  1. Gorgeous color! I'm jealous!
  2. My favorite color is grey as it goes with my hair color. Your bag is beautiful!
  3. mustangsammy:

    The color is great! :smile:

    I'm trying to decide on one for myself in either Shadow, Steel or Black. Did you think about getting it in Shadow? I'm think that Shadow and Steel look very similar, except that Steel is more gray and matte looking.
  4. Me at the BV store with my violet veneta trying on some BV pumps.
  5. Here are some photos from today's outfit post. I got these tweed & crystal-enrusted BV heels at a Barney's sale last year! :smile:
  6. They are gorgeous!
  7. image-3296090342.jpg


    Me and my baby bv ebene veneta in casual :smile:
  8. FNO 2012 at Bottega Veneta with Tomas Maier
    Dress is Pre Fall 2011
    Shoes Spring 2007
    BV earring, bracelets and ring

  9. O.M.G.



  10. You so deserve that picture with him...You have enabled so many to buy his bags, he has no idea how lucky he was to stand by you...
  11. This is awesome! ITA - if only he knew how lucky he was. Looking good too :tup:
  12. LOL!:biggrin:

    That has got to be the nicest thing anyone has ever said to me on tPF! :girlsigh::tender::blush::hugs: Thank you!
    Thank you! To be told 2xs makes it even nicer!!! You Grandmommie & couturequeen have made my day! :happydance:
  13. I love this! Very awesome--really wonderful, LT!! Thanks for sharing this. I agree with the others--Tomas Maier was the lucky one!
  14. yoyo--, justpeachy--, diana--:

    Thanks for all of your posts, too. I don't often follow this thread, but I hit the jackpot today with your creative entries. You all look great!
  15. LT, I was thinking how Mr Maier must have felt seeing a real woman dressed elegantly from head to toe in his designs. Sure he sees models groomed to make his designs look good but how it must feel for a designer to see his creations also look stunning on real women. I'm sure he walked away from you feeling pretty good about himself.