Bottega Veneta in Action!

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  1. Noticed many other designer bag sub-forums have such a thread and we should too! Wouldn't it be great to see (and drool over) everyone's lovely bags (wallet, shoes, belts etc etc) in action and enable more members at the same time :devil: :lol:

    Please share your pictures! :yes:
  2. Here's my medium Veneta in Limo. Apologies for the lousy pic quality.

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  3. Yeah, 'in action' is much more interesting... always great to see how one bag connoiseur wears her stuff ! (Ms Piggy, thanks for starting this).

    Anyway, I was just telling DH how I'm so in love with anything BV... honestly, not even Chanel has got me so hooked. Actually, I now hardly visit the other sub-forums.... I'm visiting here ONLY most times!

    Here's mine (tho u might hv seen this on some of my other posts).

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  4. MsPiggy...looking super!!! I love how you are workin' that beauty! own gorgeous bags! I am coming back to take a look here again.

    Thank you both for sharing!!!
  5. Thanks for sharing again mlbags. I got "inspired" after seeing the beautiful pics you posted in the other threads. You look gorgeous in all the photos, be it dressed up or casual. :smile:
  6. MsP and mlbags, Ladies you are both rockin' those BVs!! :dothewave:

    You both chose perfectly proportioned bags to compliment your figures and the colors are all classic and elegant!!

    MsP, no need for the "deep breath", you wear your veneta beautifully!

    Mlbags, you soooo should NOT regret your black veneta!! It is a **standout** black bag - it speaks for itself and you look wonderful wearing it!!
  7. great pics ladies. thanks for sharing.
  8. More please!! :popcorn:
  9. Ms P & mlbags - you both look wonderful w/ your BVs! Thanks for sharing pix, this is a great thread :smile:
  10. great pics ladies!!
  11. Thanks guys, and great bags!

    The profile shot of the Limo Veneta is amazing. It really makes me want that bag.
  12. Ms Piggy: I love how your bag and shoe color matches.

    Mlbags: Both bags really complement with the level of dressiness and color of your outfits.
  13. Thanks everyone for the kind words. :cutesy:

    Come on ladies and fellow enablers, where are your pictures? :smile:
  14. I love the pics! More please!
  15. Love all ur BV bags out there....they are gorgeous....:smile:
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