Bottega Veneta Hobo on sale in creme! 40% off!


Apr 9, 2006
Beautiful hills and blue skies
My SA is trying to make up for forgetting to call me when my beloved BV creme flap bag went on sale and now they're all gone.:rant: She called to tell me that a beautiful classic Bottega Veneta hobo in creme came back in and is on sale for almost 40%.:nuts:
She told me it's the only one in the store and she took the liberty to hold it for me. It's the large BV Veneta hobo, which is about 19" wide by 12" high with the classic beige suede lining. It was originally $1630 and is now $977.90

I don't want it at this time, nor do I have the funds, so before I take it off hold, if anyone is interested in a great deal, PM me and I'll let you know more details!:P

bella sarafina

fellow bag addict
Nov 22, 2006
just wanted to say - you're so kind for letting us know about this bag! thanks for sharing your find! glad to see a fellow tPFer got a wonderful deal this holiday season :smile: