Bottega Veneta Hobo - debuted when???

  1. I'm SERIOUSLY thinking about getting the classic BV hobo. Everyone says that it is the quintessential BV bag, and that it's timeless.

    So that got me thinking:

    How old is this design? When did it debut? Is it an older design that they recently brought back - or has it just come out in the last few years?

    I REALLY want a BV bag that I can use for a LONG time. I'm 37, (but young at heart) - I have a lot of Balenciaga bags because I love how light they are: this is what first made the BV interesting to me.

    Q. so is the Veneta hobo a good style to pick?

  2. This is the one i'm talking about:

  3. I dont know anything about it...but I do know its too cute! I say its a buy..just based on the looks.
  4. Its been around for about 35 yrs. A classic bag that will continue to be around.
  5. I don't know how long this style has been around (long time) and it is definitely a classic and I think a great BV piece . . .
  6. Really I think it's considered the central classic BV style. You can't go wrong getting one or more!!
  7. It's a classic (don't know how long) and of Hobo, Campana, Ball bag and Cocker which are their 4 bestsellers as classics, the Hobo is their biggest seller (according to BV SA) followed by the rest 3 in equal popularity. I started out my BV collection w/the Hobo as I saw it as a MUST, not b/c it's the #1 selling(as I wasn't even aware of that at the time), but b/c of how it drops so nicely under the shoulder and love the smooth plushy round handles. :love:
  8. Yes, I think it first came out in the 1960s or 1970s.

    I found this ref from a Time magazine blurb last year:

    The company's real signature--woven, or intrecciato, leather--was developed in 1966 when Bottega Veneta started as a family business in the Veneto region of Italy, an area known for soft leather and the craftsmen who know how to manipulate it. The big idea back then--and still today--was to use glove leather for bags, creating a soft, slouchy shape and more casual style, one that didn't need logos. The original company slogan says it all: "When your own initials are enough."
  9. I def think the BV hobo is a classic, which you should have no worries about with regards to being timeless :yes:

    Are you thinking of getting it in black or in ebano?
  10. ^^In black. The other color I looked at in Saks was beautiful, but I don't know what it's called. It was a deep dark mahogany brown. Not just chocolate - but a reddish chocolate. It was really lovely, but I think black (for me) is a safe bet.
  11. ^^I love all your BV photo's - SUCH a help for someone trying to decide which BV to buy. Since you have them both I have to ask: which do you use more, your ball bag or the veneta. i.e. if you were going to get another BV hobo (let's say in black) - which style would you go for.

    Any comparison thoughts you would have between the two would be greatly appreciated (since you own both).

  12. If I had to pick one in black, I would go for the Veneta hobo. Okay, so this is it-I like the look of the Veneta from side view and front view when worn better than the Ball bag. But comfort-wise, the Ball bag seems to be a better choice b/c it has compartments therefore it's easy to have your stuff organized. And I like how it can sit on its own.

    One thing that bothers me about the Ball bag is when you wear the bag and look straight on, the lower handle part (rising from the main part of the bag )is kind of frumpy b/c the width is wider, whereas the Veneta handle drops slim and nicely. However, one thing that bothers me about the Veneta is that you just have one big space and I always have to split my bag open w/two hands to find my stuff. Zipping in and out is a bit of work b/c the shape of the zipper part is not straight, so you need to hold one side of the handle, make the top portion flat and slide the zipper the opposite direction.

    I feel like overall, the hobo gives a more younger look whereas the Ball bag can nicely match w/older age. This is purely my opinion though. It's really a tough choice, b/c both are nice~~ :shame: I just got the ball bag so I cannot tell you which I use more yet, but I think all three styles are equally comfortable bags for everyday wear. (Whereas I have love/hate relationship w/my MJ Stams and Chanels b/c I love them, but I never seem to get use out them. I just wish the Stams were a bit lighter.)
  13. Wow, Bella1, that was really comprehensive. I've been a BV lurker myself. Always lusting and lusting but never actually bought one. I'll definitely consider your inputs when my time comes :yes:
  14. By the way, beauxgoris, go for it!! that chocolate brown hobo is a classic. Personally, i'd go brown rather than black. but that's just me
  15. I just bought the medium veneta in limo, which is like a soft gray colour. This is my first BV and am getting hooked on this classic brand. I went back and forth in the boutique trying out all their classic styles - veneta, sloan, ball and cocker. Finally, it was down to the veneta (limo) and cocker (poudre - which is Bella1's dusty pink). As I wanted a style that I could used for work, I chose the veneta - in medium (not as casual as the large) and in limo (colour is less casual than the pink and is newer than black/brown/white). However, I am still dreaming of the cocker in dusty pink. :yes:

    Personally I prefer the veneta than the ball. The shape is casual yet not so completely dress down that you cant wear it with a work suit (esp the medium). I agree with Glamstudio, go with the ebano (dark brown). It would work beautifully for casual and less casual settings.