Bottega Veneta Hazelnut Large Hobo

  1. What?! It is gone already???
  2. GONE! (or I would have helped you out! haha)
  3. ginger did you get it? Hope so! Its beautiful!
  4. WOH....whoever got it is lucky.

    I got this when it was first cut, they wouldn't let me do price adjustment at 2nd cut, even thought it's within 2 weeks on my credit card statement, I was so mad, I returned it. I think it's the same one. I didn't order this one again because cuz I was mad about it wasn't me!!!

    haha...I wouldn't post something and then order it myself...that's so mean. =) just watching out for you girls here!
  5. I was lucky enough to grab it! Could someone tell me what it is lined with? Thanks so much!
  6. Congrats malish!:yahoo::happydance:
  7. Congrats!

    it's Suede inside.
  8. Thanks gals! Do you know the color of the suede? It looks so beautiful, but I imagine light suede would be pretty hard to keep clean... What do you think and what do you do with your suede lined Bottegas? Thanks!!!
  9. It's a light greyish/browish suede (from what I can remember). It shouldn't be too hard to keep clean...just don't have open pens, food, in your bag!
  10. wow, you're fast!! congrats! it looks really yummy!
  11. Congrats, malish! Enjoy! :smile: