Bottega Veneta Grey color RAL 7026

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  1. Hello Ladies!

    I am looking at a preloved hobo to buy and the seller says the color is RAL 7026.
    Does anyone know this color? I tried to find it but couldn't. It looks like a dark grey.
    Has any of you got it?

  2. Can you post a pucture
  3. This is not a "Bottega Veneta" color code, so you'll need to get more information. A photo of the front and back of the white authenticity label that should be inside the zippered pocket would be most helpful.
  4. She gave me this code : B00726916E
  5. [​IMG] This is the color of the bag.
  6. RAL 7026 is a paint colour. :flowers:
    The bag you posted looks brown to me, but if your seller says it gray, then it's probably Steel.
    Hard to tell with only one picture. Post all the necessary photos in the AT thread (if you are asking for an authenticity request) or in this thread (if you just want to know the colour/year), and we can can give you a better opinion.
  7. You'll need to check with an SA at a Bottega Veneta boutique to decipher this code. From the photo, it does look like "Steel", as V0N wrote. It's a pretty bag!
  8. [​IMG][​IMG]She has only these three pictures. The site authenticates before shipping as they get the bag first. I also think the color is Steel. She says she thinks she bought it in 2012.
  9. Also, would you prefer the Large Veneta or the Medium Veneta. I can find the Large new for 1650 euros and the Medium for 850 euros.
  10. Size is a personal decision. You need to choose a size that works for you. You can't make the decision on price (well you can - sort of), because a bag that was a bargain isn't a bargain if it sits unused in your closet. Consider what you typically carry in a bag and what size suits your frame, lifestyle, and fashion esthetic. If you have the opportunity to try on and/or see them in person, even better.
  11. You are right on that. I tried both sizes at the Boutique and they both looked ok. The truth is I have a tendency for bigger bags but in the end I don't carry that much. And the SA told me that the bag slouches with time because the space of the bags was different over the shoulder. Even the Medium is ok but as she said it will go even lower and not stay high under the armpit as the bag was then empty of course. I am 5.4' so maybe the Medium is better and on the other hand for a big hobo I have the LV Artsy which is a really big bag. Thank you for your reply. I think I have made my decision now.:flowers:
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