Bottega veneta fortune cookie woven handbag?

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  2. ooo that is a cute bag, sorry don't have one to part with, but good luck! :biggrin:
  3. Aww.. that bag is just too cute. What colour were you considering ? I think it'd be really darling in a honey-ish colour, almost like a slightly burnt fortune cookie ! Sorry I can't help you out on your hunt, but best of luck ! ;)
  4. Thanks...i would love any colour in that bag since it's no where to be found.
  5. Is that the same bag that Jennifer Aniston is wearing in the new US Magazine in blue (might be black)?

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  6. a fortune cookie! I love it! esp in honey like ayla said
  7. I don't think it came as an all woven leather. I sold an orange one in Feb. 2005, and it was also only woven in some sections. The orange looks like this:

    Bottega orange.jpg

    I visited the Woodbury Common Premium Outlets in Aug 05 and did see the orange one there. Though of course that was months ago, it won't hurt to try! Here is their number (845) 928-4563

    The black is nice, though a tad pricey for being last year's model. But if they are hard to find...
  8. Oh that Jennifer aniston bag looks really nice! thanks favouritethingshawaii for the info and number , ill check it out.
  9. btw: favourite hawaii...that was a nice colour...errhh this is my mission this year!
  10. Yes, it is definitely a happy looking bag in color AND shape! :biggrin:

    Good luck in your search!
  11. That bag is called the Aquilone bag. I have seen it in black in the style currently listed on eBay--it's a textured leather (maybe goat?) that has kind of a glossy finish wth woven "stripes." I've also seen it in a smooth leather with a large woven section down the center. The San Francisco BV store had both versions in black in stock a few weeks ago when I was there. Retail is around $1100 I believe. I'm not sure if it actually comes in a fully woven version. Number for SF store is 415-981-1700. Good luck!
  12. I'm reviving this thread cuz I think this bag is just exquisite!
    favoritethingshawaii - can you tell me more about the bag? With the unique shape, does it "stick" out or is it totally "smush-able"? What was the leather like? Was it easy to use? It appears that the shoulder drop is long enough to accommodate heavier clothing?
    Would love your input/comments!
    I am assuming that they no longer produce this bag?
    Thanks so much!
  13. Ohh, that's super cute! The eBay listing has been removed, however...
  14. There are 2 at Portero now - an orange non-woven and a brick woven one. Hope one of them's what you're looking for.
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    i saw this auction on portero last night and it jogged my memory back to this thread....hope you can get one handbagqueen!

    if you ar enot familiar with portero, if you register, you can click on the buy it now to see the buy it now price and decide if you can ride out the auction or BIN....