Bottega Veneta exprts needed

  1. Hi..I am dying for this bag. I do not remember where I first saw it but I'm absolutely in love with it. However, I dont even know the name of it, the season its from or anything else about it. Any help on where I could get one would be greatly appreciated so I can let my boyfriend know as it's supposed to be a "surprise" birthday present.

    bottega veneta handbag.jpg
  2. I am not an expert but this bag is older - I forget if it was last season or before. I would go to the Bottega website, and there is a number there for a personal shopper who is out of NY - I think her name is Anna. Maybe BV has it in stock . . .
  3. Yes, I would go to the bottega website; you can attach this picture and email it to the personal shopper. She would be happy to tell you the name and if it's still avail., I'm sure. It's a beautiful bag!
  4. Wow! That is a very nice bag! Please post the details when you have them - my birthday is coming up - woot! Tin.
  5. :yes:

    Do let us know when you've got more information. It's such a classic looking BV!
  6. Thanks for all of your help. I contacted the personal shopper at Bottega and am just waiting for her to get back to me. I'll post when I get an answer.
  7. its supposed to bea surprise bday present....that's funny!:roflmfao:
  8. JackPKA - I was at Woodbury Commons outlet in NY at the Bottega Veneta store today and I believe I saw this bag. It was sitting on the shelf and the first thing I thought of was your post. Same color too. You might want to give them a call and check w/them. Hope it's not too late!
  9. bella - please please please tell us what you saw!!! Any hobo's? What type of bags??!?!?!?!
  10. How much of a discount is there at Woodbury Commons on the BV bags?
  11. About 30-35% off normal retail. Sometimes 40% if it is in the outlets long enough.
  12. Bwah! You guys are surely hungry for some BVs, look at the excitement at the mention of the word 'BV outlet'! The one I would have bought for sure if I had some extra cash rolling round was the large woven hobo in cream color w/the color imprint on it. You know which one I'm talking about? The color is all cream, but it just has the imprint of flower pattern. From what I remember, some PFers had the choco version. It was really nice.

    Also, there were all woven messenger style bags. So, it's just like the Veneta except the strap is longer so that you wear it across the body. I saw it in red and salmon. There was a Cocker in grass green color. Many bas were from last spring/summer season. The bright yellows, bright greens, reds and some salmon stuff. They had small woven wallets in these colors too. Nothing really caught my eyes except the large Veneta in cream color this time. It was a beauty. Oh yeah, they had those small mini-shoulder bags in bright colors. It seems like the prices are 30-35% off like Marly said. They also have men's leather goods and some nice cute shoes too. I liked this crocodile white high heeled sandals and they were 70 or 75% off. If I was in summer sandal mode at the time, I would have purchased it. But it was too cold to think about that at the time. HTH!
  13. *drools* Oh to live closer to Woodbury Commons!
  14. Why, oh why are there only 2 BV outlets in the entire country (at least that I know of)? I've called and bought a few little things, but for bags I'd want to look them over.

    JackPKA1--did BV in NY ever get back to you on the bag you're looking for?
  15. I was out the Cabazon BV Outlet just before Christmas and was not overly impressed with their stock at the time. I do wish I was closer to Cabazon or Woodbury so I could check in more often. My dbf has his eye on a credit card holder I'd love to pick up for him.