Bottega Veneta experts-a ?

  1. Does anyone know approximately when BV changed from using the metal name plaques inside their bags to the stamped leather (Bottega Veneta, and beneath it in smaller letters, Made in Italy)? I have several of the older ones, but no idea how old they are. TIA!:flowers:
  2. mine from s/s04 has the leather tag, i'm not sure how much longer they might have been leather tags but i'd say you're looking at a pretty broad period of time!
  3. My A/W '01 - '02 one has a metal name plaque. :yes:
  4. ooh we have a range to work within! i'm nearly positive that the first time i looked at the one i have it had a leather tag and that was in s/s02 but i could be wrong. and it could depend on the style too of course.
  5. ^ Ah, so I may have one of the last ones with the metal plaques? :yes:

    As you say, it may depend on the style. Mine's a rectangular shape (below) and although the leather is very soft, it's obviously not a woven hobo.

    It wouldn't surprise me if they used the metal plaques on the squarer/rectangular bags and embossed the hobos. :shrugs:

  6. chloehandbags--that's one of the coolest handbags I've ever seen! Hang onto it!

    Thanks, ladies--actually I would have guessed the metal tags weren't that recent. I have so much to learn.
  7. ^ Thank you, boxermum! :flowers:

    I intend to, it was a very generous present from my BF! :heart:

    It reminds me of something Debbie Harry would have carried in 1980! :biggrin:
  8. I have a baby hobo that has a metal plate and I believe it was made before 2000.
  9. ^ Ah, so it looks like the change could have been made, for all their styles, in S/S '02?

    BTW, sorry for calling you 'boxermum', boxermom! :shame:
  10. boxermum is fine--my ancestry is English, so it doesn't sound that odd to me. Your bf has exquisite taste (obviously, he's with you;) ).
  11. ^ Gosh, what a compliment! Thank you! :flowers: :flowers: :flowers: :shame: