Bottega Veneta Embossed Woven Hobo IN OR OUT??

  1. HI Ladyes,

    please let me know what you think of this bag, would you buy it? this is the medium size, what about the large size?!!!


  2. wow!!
    bottega veneta will always be super chic and in!!
    i'd buy it instantly!
  3. It's a classic and will never be out of style! That's the bag I want for X-mas in chocolate this year.
  4. I've looked at this bag many times too. I'd love to hear opinions from others that have it.
    Is it a "classic" bag or a more contemporary?
    Go ahead talk me into it!
  5. I got a brown one a while ago. I LOVE THE BAG! it is very lightweight, durable , high-quality leather bag!! and it never " OUT"

    I think BV have 30% off for VIp customer but they never put the black/ brown BV bag on sale since they r permanent product line.
  6. If I had the money, I'd buy that in brown in a heartbeat! I have shoes that would go perfectly with it :heart:
  7. I don't think it's a bag that will ever be "out", just because it's leather, the colour is neutral and hobos are here to stay ! I'd definitely buy BV if I could afford it.
  8. That bag is SO classy. If you can afford it, buy it, you won't regret it :yes: It's so beautiful :love:
  9. I want it in the pumpkin/orange color. Saw it on ebay a few times at a more affordable price but too scared to attempt to buy it there!
  10. What's the size difference between the medium and the small. Which one is the more popular size?
  11. Will never be out.
  12. omg, IN! never out, so classic and gorgeous
  13. It will never be out! It is totally a classic. Bottega Veneta has amazing, exceptional craftsmanship.:biggrin::flowers:
  14. It's classic! My mom loves black bags like that.
  15. Very in, always will be, imo!