Bottega Veneta Ebano Color

  1. Has anyone seen Bottega's "Ebano" color in person? On the Bottega website, it looks like it is a very dark brown/black, but when I called the boutique in Las Vegas, the SA said it was "chocolate brown." I've seen chocolate on, and don't like it. Is Ebano chocolate, or something darker. Anyone know?

  2. Ebano is the dark chocolate. There's another lighter brown color in either Hazelnut from previous season and also current season's lighter brown called Noche. Go in the site, click on 'shop online' and on the last page 5, you can see the different shade of browns. The darker on is Ebano and nt dim light, it looks almost dark brown/blackish but in bright light, it looks like a dark brown color. Ebano is just another name for the classic chocolate color, not a new color for the season.
  3. ^^^^Right. Ebano is the dark brown/chocolate. Noce is the chestnut or hazelnut brown. There is a very dark brown/black color called Moro.
  4. I have a wallet in Ebano. I would describe it as more of a dark brown rather than chocolate - which is lighter in colour to me. Don't think you can mistake it for black (Moro).
  5. I have a campana woven hobo in Ebano. It's like the color of a dark chocolate hershey's candy bar. Very rich and yummy!
  6. Hi Marly,

    Can you post a picture of you wearing the Campana? I'm debating whether to get this one or the ball bag. Thanks...
  7. Thanks everyone! That clears up the color issue for me. So hard to tell sometimes when you're relying on the web.

  8. Belen- I will get a picture up by tomorrow. I have to get my camera from my hubbie...
  9. I will have to look for something BV in Moro to see how dark it is IRL. My SA told me black is Nero, the Moro has some brown in it but it's almost black. Sheesh--it's confusing!!:confused1:
  10. Belen-here's the campana in Ebano, as promised. Bad lighting, weird purple light relection on the bag, but hopefully you can get an idea!
    P1010005.jpg P1010006.jpg P1010008.jpg P1010003.jpg
  11. The bag is beautiful! I think I prefer this one over the ball bag which I feel would be too big for me. Is this the smaller version? One thing that bothers me about this one though is the absence of the zip closure. Do you think the magnetic and the clip closures are enough to make it secure?

    Marly, really appreciate you taking the time to take pictures. Thank you so much.
  12. Yes, this is the smaller of the two Campana sizes. The Large Campana is very big-it would be too large for me, personally-I think it's like 20x20.

    I also have the Ball Bag, which I thought would be too large, but I love it too. It's smaller than the largest Campana size, yet larger than the Campana that I have. I never zip it closed. It's a little more difficult to get into because it has only one shoulder strap. I have no problem with the magnetic closure of the Campana, and I never use the clip closure feature. I'm in and out of my purses too much! It's easy to get into with the double strap.:yes:
  13. Here are two pairs of my shoes in the Ebano color. I tried not to get too much flash in there, so I think this is a good color indicator.

  14. ohh gorgeous shoes!
  15. i want to get the black Campana (smaller size)...but my friends keep saying it doesn't look good. the reason why i don't want to go for the Ebano is because i have 4 bags in the brown shade, and 2 LV monogram too...

    do you guys think the black doesn't look good? TIA.