Bottega Veneta deals?

  1. I recently saw a woven bag that looked pretty sharp!
    I was wondering (for the future) if there are any online stores or stores that will put BV on sale periodically?
    thanks for yr help : I think they're beautiful bags!!!
  2. Have you checked the Bottega forum? I remember seeing a post there recently that the Woodbury Common outlet had a sale going.

    Bluefly also has some BVs at slightly reduced prices, and Saks had a couple in their sale lately.
  3. you can also go NAP or don't worry they carry authentics). :yes:
  4. The official Bottega Veneta website will have their seasonal bags on sale. Nordstroms has a sale a few times a year. and Bluefly and NAP have Bottegas on sale and check the BV forum-the two numbers for the Bottega Veneta outlet stores (one is in CA., the other in N.Y.) can be found there.
  5. there are currently two styles of BV woven bags on sale on
  6. This morning I went to Nordstrom and saw a Bottega Veneta for $995. It was discounted from one-thousand-something-dollars. I am not too familiar with BV, but it is a medium size bag with a buckle at the top. A shoulder bag....

    I don't know if it is still there, but you can check...