Bottega Veneta deal! Fuschia Palermo 50% off on NAP!!

  1. You know who you are! (Starts with a Kou...)
    Here's a good deal on a fuschia Palermo on NAP:
    Designer Fashion - NET-A-PORTER.COM

    Hope this will benefit a PFer!! :yahoo:
  2. Gosh, I hope she got it! I looked just now and didn't see the Palermo.
  3. Maybe you have to pick the "euros" version for it to show?
  4. I don't see it on either version of the website...probably someone got it.
  5. That's weird... I can put it in my shopping bag and everything :confused1: Maybe the website knows whether you're in Europe or not?
  6. I stuck it in my cart but I don't know how long they're goin to hold it. I'm still debating whether I should get it or see if my local store can SO a Palermo in Quarzo or Poudre Ostrich ...
  7. ^^ Kou if its in your cart.. it doesnt mean its on hold... if someone else orders it and completed their order, it will disappear from your cart :smile:
  8. 50% off???? OMGD! *faint*
  9. Oh crap!!! *scurries off to check her cart* Ok, it's still in my cart but I'm not signed in. yet when I tried to sign in, it's not in my cart. When I log out and click on the link, it's definitely still there. Damn, is it only reserved for European accounts? *puzzled*