Bottega Veneta cosmetics case - pics

  1. ^^It's really cute--I like the velvet green! But then again--green's my favorite color. Btw, did you get my PM Kat?
  2. I sent you a response, but I wasn't sure if it went through because I didn't see it in my out box. I really didn't pay much attention to the BV notice because I'm trying to be good and not spend $$$. I'm trying to save for a Birkin. I usually shop at the BV store at Americana Manhasset in Long Island, NY. That is probably where the notice came from. The phone number for Americana Manhasset is 1-800-818-6767. I'm sure they can put you in touch with the BV store. Happy hunting! Btw, this cosmetics bag also comes in red and yellow. Check it out below.
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