Bottega - Sale

  1. Thanks for the heads up. This is one reason I would never again purchase a bag w/o first getting the advice of others on tpf. From experience I have found that bags don't always look in person like their online pictures.

    BTW....this is my favorite BV bag...

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    About three years ago, I bought what I thought was an authentic BV Flap-Pocket bag from an eBay seller located in the UK. That was the first time I had ever seen a replica bag!! I guess that I should have known by the $600 price tag that it couldn't be real. Oh well...lessons are sometimes learned the hard way!!!!
  2. You have great taste. Sorry to hear you were scammed. It happened to me with a Dior.

    I agree the info here is sooo helpful.

    BTW, I own the fully woven Cocker. It is a great bag.

    Thanks again for the sales tip!!!

  3. Samantha...your woven cocker is now my new favorite bag! I must have it! What are my chances of finding it on sale .....and where??
  4. NM & Saks have the deerskin cocker (the side pockets are woven) on sale. NM has it in brown (ebano) and Saks has it in brown (ebano) and black (nero). I think there were some at Northpark in Dallas, TX. If you check the BV sub-forum, there's a thread called Black Cocker, and there's some info in there.

  5. Thanks so much!! I am also going to check with my local NM this week.

  6. Clake76...those shoes are incredible!! OMG!!! I would be afraid to wear them for fear of getting them soiled!! Congratulations on your new babies!!