Color Bottega Veneta Colors

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  1. Other forums like LV Vernis have it so I thought why not start a color reference thread to categorize all of the beautiful colors that BV has every season. I'll start. My knowledge of BV is very limited as I just started loving this mid-2007, so please, we need everyone's contributions!

    Starting with the Classics
    These colors are in every year, every season:
    [​IMG] Nero (classic)

    [​IMG]Ebano (classic)

    [​IMG] Noce (classic)

    Classic Seasonal
    Comes every year but only certain seasons

    [​IMG] Bianco (Spring/Summer only, classic)

    Seasonal bags of the past and present (need your help people!)

    [​IMG] Camel (FW07/08)

    [​IMG] Ferro (FW07/08)

    [​IMG] Carmino Royale (FW07/08)

    [​IMG] Limo (SS07, some carried over to FW07/08)

    Continued on next post due to photo limit
  2. [​IMG] Magnolia (SS07)

    [​IMG] Petra (SS07, right?)

    Please continue to add to this collection of colors on this thread. Also, if you would like to send me photos/links so I can post for you you can send them to I know there are a lot more beautiful beautiful colors out there and would love to put in this thread, guys! We probably have the most gorgeous colors out of all of the designer forums combined!
  3. Bunkie - that's so sweet of you to put this reference together, thank you! Your clips are so good, they look like actual swatches. I agree with you, BV does have one of (if not) the most gorgeous color palettes and seeing these intrecciato weaves side-by-side is proof positive! :heart::heart::heart:
  4. Thanks myindulgence! I would be very excited if we can all help build this library since I know there are many veterans of BV on this forum and I would love to learn through the different colors.

    I'm adding a few more:

    [​IMG] Patent Nero (FW07/08)

    [​IMG] Patent Origami (FW07/08)

    [​IMG] Carmino (FW07/08)
  5. Thank you so much, Bunkie!! for the great reference!!

    It simply amazes me how BV elicits the highest beauty out of rather standard colours.
  6. Great work...I will help out by getting this made into a permanent reference for everyone!
  7. Wow Bunkie, what a fabulous job! This thread will be invaluable... Thank you!
  8. Awesome...these photos show the absolute deliciousness of the colors. Thanks so much for doing this...

    Makes me want more BV...
  9. This is really great, Bunkie -- fabulous idea and SOOOO helpful, especially to those of us who don't live near a BV!
  10. Bunkie, thank you so much for this very helpful thread.

    Please let me be a weisenheimer though :shame:: Petra for SS 2007 should be Old Petra, there used to be a BV color called Petra for FW 2003/04 which was a more muted brownish tone!

  11. C_24 - Thanks so much for this very helpful information. This is the kind of stuff and info we need!! Mods - is there any way I can get back into editing that post to change it? In case no, I've bolded C_24's info posted above in hopes that it will be visible here.

    Thanks guys for your support. These colors are just the beginning as I know you guys will post many more!
  12. That would be fabulous! Thanks!!
  13. Wow, thanks for the colours I'm so glad we've started the colour reference library. :tup:
  14. Bunkie thank you so much for starting this reference. Those photos capture the colors so well.
  15. Bunkie, where are you finding these fabulous pics? We need Marly, C_24, ms piggy, bagsforme, uclaboi, and all you other people who have been into BV for awhile to share what you know also. I'm a total bv lover, but only go back about 3 years.
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