Bottega Veneta Collections - Master Thread

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  1. gro, everyone is so tired of hearing how photography and computer challenged I am. I will try again when dh can assist. Everytime I get a bag I think, but wait.......there's another I don't have. I'm sick.:nuts:
  2. I love all the bags that you all are showing here. Yummy!!!!!
  3. I hear you! One of these days, I will read the directions on how to post photos (and not the links) lol

    I'm sick as well. I'm from a small city with NO high end stores, not even a Nordstroms. Going to Boston this weekend...... I need to come back w/ something!
  4. I can beat that--we don't even have a Target in my entire county!:wtf: Please do come back with something and tell us about it--I will live vicariously thru you!:graucho:
  5. bagsforme, love your colorful clutch!
  6. We need more photo's ladies!!
  7. Okay, I *think* this is my complete collection (for the next year or so anyway). I haven't had the courage to remove the tag from the Veneta - it may have to go back to help finance the Sloane, or I just bite the bullet and enjoy!) I also *interviewed* a small tan Campana and a limo large Veneta and Montaigne along the way.

    Ebano Large Veneta
    Magnolia zip-top case
    Quarzo Continental Snap Wallet
    Limo Nappa Umbria Sloane

  8. i really like the sloane......
  9. :nuts:

    How cute are the Magnolia and Quarzo together!! :love: Please don't return the Ebano Veneta! You will get SOOOOO much use outta it :yes:
  10. bluegenie - I love love love your collection! The Sloane is TDF as are your pinky accessories! :heart:
  11. Hi boxermom,

    you need to use the img code

  12. ^^^thank you. It wouldn't surprise me if I mesed it up. what does hyperlink mean--is it just the long code that represents the photo?
  13. Ladies, your BV's are ALL :drool: worthy!! Thank you SO much for posting pics of your gorgeous collections (NONE are small or humble IMO!)...really!!

    But I have to tell y'all, I'm hanging on by a thread here :cry: :weird: :wacko: .....SF BV is inching closer by the minute and Venice BV in July in a land far, far awaayy.

    M-u-s-t, h-a-n-g, o-n.... me, more piccies pleeease! :upsidedown:
  14. C'mon enablers! :choochoo:
  15. Pardon me for not being so clever, but will someone please explain the term 'enabler' to me???? Does this mean one enticing/tempting others to get something?