Bottega Veneta Collections - Master Thread

  1. Ms. Piggy, I'm drooling!
  2. Here is my BV collection. My first BV was the brown bag which I bought in Venice in 2004. I am in :heart: with the brand since then
    IMG_5378.JPG IMG_5379.JPG
  3. Thanks to all of you for posting your fabulous collections. It has been fun peeking into your BV closets!
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  4. Thanks Londoner for sharing your collection. Love the sun glasses and the bangle. Could imagine what cool combinations you get from mixing the collection :supacool:

    It's really interesting seeing each other's haul. We all love Bottega yet we all have different taste in our picks. Keep it coming! :jammin:
  5. I want a pair of BV sunnies too! Just can't seem to find a style/ shape to suit my face! And trust me. I've been trying 'em all! :sad:
  6. Nice collection. :yahoo: I love your vintage bags.
  7. Here's my BV collection. As posted in other threads but this one sums up the "collection".
  8. bagsforme, such great colors in your collection! Love the red and blue; that little clutch is a color I haven't seen.

    Londoner, you have a really varied collection. Love the woven bangle, sunglasses, etc. And you have the Julie, which is also sold out for this season. How do you like that bag? I almost bought a purple one last year but thought it might be too deep.
  9. I love ya lil colourful Knot, bagsforme!! It's SO cute! :yes:

    Btw, just FYI, miss piggy (and any other Singaporean ladies), the BV store has just received the cutest Knot from last Spring/Summer. I popped by the store yesterday, and the SA showed it to me. The main body is black, with the reds, yellows and greens from that season "outlining" the case. :graucho:
  10. Thanks Nymph. Time to pop by again. *tread with caution* *danger for wallet*
  11. bagsforme, what a colourful collection! Yay, we Cocker twins (the blue and the pink!) And the Knot clutch is TDF.
  12. Thanks ms piggy. I like the Julie, it's deer skin, very soft and light. Mine is from previous season. It is quite deep but then it holds quite a lot of stuff.
  13. i love that blue.....
  14. Just wanted to say, so many lovely pieces posted in this thread. Thank you all for sharing.
  15. Wow, great collections.

    Wow boxermom.
    (Is there anyway you can enlarge your photos?)

    Marly your turn!!!!