Bottega Veneta Clutch

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  1. Hi ladies.. so ive been drooling over BV box clutches for a while now.. i'm seriously thinking of starting collecting them in every color/leather since they're great for lunch out or evening..

    anyone has BV clutch?? whats your thoughts?? TIA

  2. I have a black one--in a different style--has a detachable strap, but I never use the strap. It's my all-around staple evening bag for when none of my others work.
  3. [​IMG]
    From, I think this is antique silver (from what the catalogue says).
    so pretty!
    antique silver and pale pink croc

    They're so cute!
  4. Im just so inlove with their little beauties!! I think ill get one and see how i feel about it then ill start my collection!!
  5. BV clutches are gorgeous! Please post pics when your first one arrives.
  6. I love BV's Knot bags! I think they're just so different from the other clutches available out there. It's so obviously BV, but only if you're in the know sort of :p

    Totally loving the antique silver and pale pink croc version :tender:

    Be sure to tell us when you've decided on one, and pics please!!
  7. Yes, yes, the silver and pink croc is really TDF!!! :drool:

    Am also wondering how does one of these clutch holds up IRL. Please let us know. :jammin:
  8. Here are some other styles from the Fall 2006 show
    Hey this could be our first reference thread! :graucho:
    Black beauty...
    and voila!

    all pics from
  9. [​IMG]
    Another one from Fall 2005
    And another one. I love this style: the leather is braided in different colors :heart:
  10. Fall 2004...
    Fall 2004 again
  11. Spring 2005 :heart:
  12. Oh, eye candy, eye candy! Thanks ladies!
    Pinkish- can't wait to see pictures of the first clutch to your collection.
  13. Oooh! That is the shade of pink croc that I like! I'd love to have that on a Montaigne ... :love:

    I also love BV's clutches, there's just something about the cute little pillbox shape that makes it so appealing.
  14. love the pics. thanks for posting.
  15. Like Susan-Eric, I have a BV clutch (black woven) but not the box/knot style clutch. I'm in love with the ones in the pictures--wish I had one. We want to see pics when you get one! Clutches are really hot right now.