Bottega Veneta clothing - too pricy?

  1. Got a question- I think BV clothing is too expensive (even on sale) to buy even thought I truly love their style. Anyone got an opnion? I'm especially interested in opnions from any of you how have bought BV. Is it really that good or are they full of themselves? :idea:
  2. I think it's probably worth the price, but I still can't afford it. I will start working in a few months and I definitely plan to get some. I think it's beautiful and unique.
  3. Their leather products, including clothing, are very high quality. I believe, but am not 100% certain, their clothes are actually made by the same factories as Gucci clothing. I find both of their qualities to be similar, but Gucci tends to be cheaper for similar items....
  4. if their clothing quality compares to their bags :tup: and worth the price. however, for me such expensive clothes have to be timeless - not a fashion piece kwim?