Bottega Veneta children's shoes on sale

  1. I saw these online and thought someone here may be interested. To be honest, even though I don't have kids, the colors are so gorgeous that I'm tempted to buy a pair just to look at :p. All pairs are £25 and can be found at Catwalk to Closet.

  2. :nuts: Thanks for the pics hebden!!!
    I bet the light brown ones are made of milk chocolate, no? They look too yummy!!
  3. I :heart: these to death!!! BV mummies! Look here!!!
  4. OMG, they are just too cute. I believe they are only available in very small sizes.
  5. I'll add these to my ever growing list of why it would be nice to have grandchildren!
  6. I would get them just for the pretty colors, and set them on my shelf! Too cute!
  7. They are so cute!!
  8. Oh cute! I wish I could buy some for my kids but the shoes are tiny!
  9. these are tdf cute! i've half a mind to buy them just to start a collection.