Bottega veneta Campana vs Louis vuitton Lumineuse PM

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Louis vuitton empreinte lumineuse PM vs Bottega veneta Campana

  1. Louis vuitton empreinte lumineuse PM

  2. Bottega veneta Campana

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. I went to Bottega veneta with friends last weekend. She collects in BV. I am thinking of getting one too. I just bought BV Parachute bag. I am thinking of either getting Louis vuitton lumineuse Pm (heavy but can be carried across the body) or BV campana ( light, but can only carried on shoulder).
    What do you think?
    Thank you so much.
  2. I vote for the Lumineuse! the embossed leather is so beautiful and it is so versatile!!! I would looove to have one:cloud9:
  3. Lumi!! Gorgeous bag. So it got my vote
  4. campana! lumineuse has too much going on.
  5. BV Campana! Emp. Lum. is too heavy. But you're on the LV forum, so most will vote LV.
  6. Go for Lumi
  7. If memory serves me correctly, didn't you recently (i.e last week) buy the Lumineuse PM and was wondering whether to keep it or trade for the Empriente? Since you mentioned that you had already used it once, I hope you didn't return it to LV. There was no follow up to that last thread.
  8. i was just wondering the same thing :wtf:
  9. Sorry. I return the lumineuse pm.
  10. oh, so sorry for that. i hope you find the bag you really like. in this case i would not recommend the lumineuse pm because you allready returned it for a good reason.
  11. I just think it is a bit heavy, but I think it is a gorgeous bag!
  12. yes, that is what i think about trevi and i can not stand heavy bags so i have to find another bag.

    good luck deciding!
  13. Empreinte tote-hands down!!!
  14. You already returned the lumineuse so it obviously wasn't the bag for you. Go for the BV.
  15. I just bought a pre loved bv parachute. Lumineuse pm still in my list...