Bottega Veneta Campana bag


Aug 26, 2006
For anyone who has a BV Campana bag, a few questions. Is it similar to the medium hobo in size? Pros or cons? I love the look of it and it looks very practical. Can you carry it on your shoulder? I'm seriously thinking about buying one, but it's an investment. TIA!
Mine appears to be huge which brings back the question of whether or not there are two sizes to it. Mine is bigger than a ball bag. Here is a picture from the catwalk. I was told that I have the large size. Anyway, I love it and it is a comfortable shoulder bag- the con would be that once in awhile the second strap will slip off your shoulder and you have to hitch it back up.


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There are two sizes- large and small. I have the small, which is a perfect size for me. Perfect for everyday, great strap drop, it wears over the shoulder easily. Easy to get into as well, because it has two straps (one remains on the shoulder, while you drop the other to get into it. Lots of room (even the smaller version) Beautiful shape- I don't find it similar to the medium hobo because the hobo is tighter under the arm and boxier in shape, even when it starts to soften. The Campana is larger on the bottom and tapers slightly on top.

It is my favorite shape of the hobo styles. Exremely practical. You can't go wrong!
Thank you, Bagpuss and Marly! I was confused because the website seems to only show one size. (I looove BV, but I'm not wild about their online site.) It sounds like a winner. I like the bigger at the base than at the opening part--I think it would be easier to find stuff. I love my traditional hobo, but dang, it's hard to find things in there sometimes. (I know...I should get some small bags to organize the interior of my purses...):flowers:
I am interred by the BV campana and was wondering about their size:
Do you know the measures of the Big one and the measures of the Small one?
Are they only made in nappa or calf? Deer?
Are they heavy? compared to deer?
Thanks for your help, I am a newcomer in the club, it is the first message I post!
campana is awesome. i had a smaller version but gave it away recently and now i am eyeing on a larger one-i LOVE big bags and I adore my large veneta. I just need to go try it on. boxermom i am sure you will like the campana very much since it fits on the shoulder perfectly.
i have the large campana in nero. it is a great bag.
easy to find stuff because of the two straps. i keep my things in "pouchettes" so everything is really easy to find.
the only drawback is it doesn't have a zipper. i feel very secure with it because the magnet is very strong and there is a clip going the opposite way. i usually use the clip for my keys. there is also an inside zip pocket. it is a beautiful bag.


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Welcome to the Purse Forum and also to the Bottega Veneta sub-forum, Eiffel! I did buy a Campana, the larger size, in Ebano (dark brown).

My bag measures 15" wide, 10.5" high, 7-8" deep (front to back), and the shoulder strap drop is 8" so it fits easily on the shoulder. The leather is Nappa, so it's extremely soft, yet lightweight. It holds a lot, too. I can't decide which I prefer more, the Campana or the traditional Ball bag. They are both wonderful designs.

Good luck with your decision!:heart:
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boxermom, I love my Campana. I have the medium one in interciatto, but recently my SA showed me the thicker one in catalano which I am now wondering if is OK enough to not be too similar to my other one.

The campana IMO is a bit more formal than the veneta, but you can dress it up or down. Plus, YES the hook really helps with my keys. I NEVER look for my keys when approaching my car with the campana. Also, the leather is so buttery soft (as usual). It doesn't look so great though when flat or stuffed. It has to be filled just right, and yet the top has to be empty enough so that the leather-covered magnet clasps meet to make the top taper inwards. It looks kind of odd, IMO, when the top is opened up due to too many things. Sorry this is kind of long but I thought it might help! Let us know what you decide!
Many Congrats on your large ebano campana it is my fave BV style. I have the large nero campana and didn't get the smaller size because I found it difficult to use the magnetic closure once you clip the hooks together. On the larger size I had no probs at all! Enjoy your new bag.
Here are pics of the large Ebano Campana after I bought it last March. Don't know why the color is so dark in the second pic.


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