Bottega Veneta Cabat?

  1. I've been looking for this bag ever since I read about it in Marly's BV article. But alas no info or photos. Which bag is this one?

    tia bv bag mavens!
  2. Marly, you beat me to it. There are a lot of fakes of this bag, but the authentic ones are stunning IRL.
  3. There was a noche cabat on bluefly! I'm not sure if it's still there. Beautiful bag. Unfortunately, the shape (if not the quality) is easy to copy/imitate.
  4. Are there different sizes of Cabat totes?
  5. This bag is a beauty!!!
  6. Another bag for my BV wishlist (boy is it ever growing!)
  7. my BV wishlist is growing too....
    i am in deep trouble...
  8. The cabat comes in 3 sizes - small, medium and large.

    It's a truly gorgeous style, so easy to use and so fuss free. Unfortch, something I'm hesistant about is that there's no closure at the top, so it could potentially get a lil messy if you carry around waaaaay too many things like I do :shame:

    That said, a large cabat is still on my wish list for when I'm older, and I have more money :yes:
  9. For the same reason I decided against a Cabat... when I had the Celine Boogie bag, I was embarassed whenever someone peeps into my bag cos' no matter how hard I try, the insides still looked messy.... I also get a lot of well-meaning strangers advising me to look after my purse - a target for pickpocketers!

    Nevertheless, it's a really beautiful bag and I'm always admiring it .... perhaps, one fine day, when I have some spare $$$ and no other BV to buy, I might get a Cabat! For now, there's just too many other BV beauties on the shelf that I yearn to get !:p
  10. I always stuff an Hermes scarf on the top of open totes. Keeps things covered and would look so pretty in a Cabat!
  11. I was told (by my SA) that this bag is entirely hand woven, both inside and out. So there are actually four layers (unlike the other intrecciato whereby it is actually a large leather panel with the weaves going through the slits on it). And apparently there are very few artisans in Italy that has the woven skills required for the Cabat. It's truly an art piece to covet! The Old Petra Cabat is absolutely TDF.
  12. ^^Amazing. That's what interested me in it too. In the BV article that Marley posted they said that they only make 200 of these bags a year!
  13. Hi everyone!

    I recently acquired a gorgeous cabat in dark brown and it is luscious! I love it so much. I'll try to post pics.

    I was so in love with it that I bid one a black one on eBay ...turns out it was a dreadful fake! The pics looked good but when I received it the difference between the real one and the fake were like night and day. I finally got my money back ( after a month) but be careful when bidding on cabat's on eBay....I dont think I've seen a real one on there yet..and one choco fake sold for a TON of money and it was definitely a 200 dollar ioffer fake. Getting the fake was sort of educational for me since I started doing research...if the bag looks like it has white edges on the side of the weaving...stay far away! The real cabat leather is incredibly soft and slouchy and not a flat color....the leather has color variation and nuances the fakes cannot come close to duplicating....but they do duplicate the be very careful everyone!
  14. :yes:

    I want a ottone or the silver cabat if I can ever afford one. Can't quite make up my mind if I want the medium or the large though. Although, it would prolly the medium cos of the price difference. :p