Bottega Veneta Cabat Owners (and Future Owners) United

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  1. I know by now people are probably bored and tired of me talking about the cabat but I just love it so much :heart: This thread is for people to share their cabat stories and how they care and store their cabats...I'm not sure how to store it as it's so soft and you keep it the box or just let it flop in its sleeper? Also should I take the protective film off the plate? I don't want to scratch it up but at the same time I don't want the glue to adhere to the plate...I know hermes suggests people to peel off the film on the birkins but I wonder if the same thing applies to the cabat? I haven't had the chance to debut my cabat yet but I'll sure to update when it happens :angel:
  2. I took the protective film off right away because I don't really care about scratches and stuff.

    I usually just stuff the cabat and let it flop in its dust bag. I also had it hanging off the post in my bed for a few weeks but recently convinced myself that was stretching out the handles so I moved it.

    p.s. if we got bored of hearing about cabats, we wouldn't be on the purse forum. ;)
  3. I saw this pic today and didn't know where to post it since it's neither a celebrity nor an action shot of one of us.

    so this thread seems appropriate. enjoy the glimpse of a cabat.
    bill cunningham/nytimes
  4. I am a wannabe Cabat owner, but I would read this thread no matter what the reason. Celebrate all things Bottega Veneta!

    foxie - You might try stuffing your Cabat with those little nitrogen filled pillows that are used as packaging materials. So many companies are using them these days, I've been collecting them for stuffing my sleeping bags.
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  5. So chic! Love her look...and Hilary looks so cute peeking from behind :lol:
  6. am not a cabat owner (yet) but i love it anyway. so keep the stories and picts coming:smile:

    does the cabat come in a box? my BV bags and belts only came in sleeper bags.
  7. I've bought my cabats at BV stores and took them home, so no shipping, and did not get boxes. I keep them in the sleeper bags. But they really are very hardy. Don't need to baby them, just use common sense.
    I've taken the plastic off the plate of two, left it on the third. But it peels away after a while, so probably just leave it on till it peels off itself.

    They really are the most amazing bags I've ever seen. I'm hoping just to collect cabats from now on, except for wanting a "knot" at some point.
  8. ^mine didn't come in a box.

    funny story about the box it did come in though... the day it was supposed to arrive I was antsy for the UPS man to show up, so when he buzzed the intercom downstairs and I let him into my office building of course I jumped out of my seat and met him on the stairs.

    I don't remember the exact exchange of words but I remember saying something like "the package today is for me right?" and he responded something like, "yeah, someone has sent you a big empty box" (because the cabat is so light). and I remember thinking in my head, damm, if only the UPS man knew the "empty box" was worth 5k. :sweatdrop:
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  9. sounds like a perfect plan to me :tup: I want a knot next as well.

    p.s. what do you have in your cabat collection? I feel like i've heard you mention several but I'm not 100% sure which ones.
  10. I have a large noce, medium nero, and medium ottone.
    And I love them all!
    I use the large noce as my carry-on when I travel, and it barely shows any wear at all, although it's from the first season cabats were made!
  11. ^sounds like a perfectly balanced collection!

    when was the first season cabats were made? :s

    and also, you mentioned in another thread having them refurbished. what was wrong with them, just regular wear and tear?
  12. I love my cabat too.

    One thing I would warn new cabat owners, foxie, is, watch out for the bottom corners. Because they are so square ,they start to slightly wear. My corners are lighter on my ebano than the rest of the bag due to wear... not sure what to do about that. Anyone else experience this?
  13. I got a nice brown, ebano?, box with gold Bottega Veneta lettering, those waxy ribbon, and silver tissue paper along with the cabat...though it was overnighted to me with no charge! The box is on the small side though...don't really know how to squeeze it back after I took the bag for the suggestions everyone
  14. I think the first year was 2003. I got that by thinking about when I was in Maui, where I bought the first cabat. If anyone has any other info, please tell.

    I bought the nero a year or so later.

    I had the noce and nero refurbished just to freshen them up and moisturize the leather. They had no noticeable problem areas.
  15. I believe Tomas had said that the cabat is the first bag he designed once he started working for Bottega and since he got the job in 2001...I assume the cabat first came out in 2001/2002?

    Found the article