Bottega Veneta book

  1. Hm..I am tempted to get one too
  2. A great tip! & a 40% off pre-sale rate at Amazon- woo hoo! I hope it's heavy on the T. Maier years . . .
  3. You can also order it so that it actually arrives to you on the day the book is released. Shipping is free is you have their "Prime" membership. Yes, I spend too much time and money on Amazon.
  4. We do have the prime membership...he, he.
  5. My Bottega Veneta book just arrived! Gorgeous pictures! Bigger book than I expected. Truly coffee table size. I love the two page spreads of Cabats and Knots. Eye candy galore!
  6. HEY! Mine should have been here too, but I guess, technically, it's not 'officially released' until tomorrow. Drat! I guess tomorrow it is!!! I did see that it is a bit cheaper than the original price - that's nice...

    Ooo... do tell more ...
  7. Wheeeeeeee! just sent me a note that mine was shipped. I wish I could go to the signing in Chicago.
  8. Does anyone have any intell about a BV book signing in So Cal? I heard that TM may make an appearance in the LA or OC area.
  9. Mine has shipped also and should be here tomorrow. Yippeeeee!
  10. YAY... UPS just brought mine :yahoo: It's beautiful and bigger than expected. Can't wait to dive into it page by beautiful page :tender:
  11. Mine arrived today. I read the introduction and it was quite nice. Also, I had some leftover 2mil library film (did all my cactus and succulent books some years back) and covered the dust jacket with plastic...just like in the library. It is good to see the publisher Rizzoli is still in business. I used to go to the Rizzoli store in Chicago when it was open.
  12. I don't even want to open mine!
  13. My book arrived today also. What was I thinking?! I cannot afford to be tempted. I need an intervention! If you are a BV SA or a reseller on tpf and this woman comes into your store, or someone referring to herself as simpleliving fan bids on your merchandise, please refuse to sell her anything.

    I hope that I am uploading a small picture. I don't really know what I'm doing.
    Snapshot 2012-10-02 20-29-14.jpg
  14. So is this like an oversized catalogue with an introduction or is there more to it? :wondering
  15. Oh, there's way more to it. This is the history of Bottega Veneta, this is all about the craftsmanship, this is a pictorial essay on all that is BV. If you are a BV fan, this book is not to be missed.